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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Believe This And You Are Nuts! - I   Posted on Apr 8, 2014    Comments ()

One of my mentors in journalism is the immortal Behram Contractor a.k.a. Busybee who wrote a short, humorous column every day.


It was called Round and About.


I am no patch on him and cannot match his crisp essays in substance and in humour.


So I call myself Lazy Fly and have named my series of writing endeavours Square And Straight.


Presto! Modified Manifesto = Modifesto


The released election manifesto India’s right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party has triggered a new term: Modifesto.




Did Modi author it?




Did Modi delay it?


None seems to know.


What caused the delay?


No one seems to be sure.


Is there any link between the printed dates on the Modifesto and the Congress Manifesto [March 27 2014] bedecked with several common factors?


BJP will not talk about this.


Why were issues like Article 370’s removal, insistence on building the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, the stress on Hindu culture – all old wines in old bottles of the BJP given a heave ho which was presented the party’s Methuselah – Murli Manohar Joshi the other day?


Nobody actually wants to admit it.


Why are voluntary industrial bodies like CII and ASSOCHAM welcoming the Modifesto and also slamming parts of it in the same breath?


Broadly, the two bodies point to the generalized statement in life’s reality of black, white and grey. In other words, they neither reveal the reason nor admit to the rationale!


Will a manifesto or Modifesto actually have any bearing on any election outcome and has such an event ever taken place in the past?


The single word, bitter and blunt answer: NO!!!


Of course, I have been crazy to say all these things in the past:
















So what was the manifesto brouhaha all about?


Well to find the answers, one can search the whole world or the southern Indian Ocean as the world powers seem to be doing and find nothing.


Miraculously Incredible!


Malaysian Minister Hishammuddin had begun his interactions with the press some 32 days ago saying his government would ‘find’ the ‘missing’ MH 370.  


The searches, Hishammuddin had added, were underway in right earnest in the South China Sea.


On March 24 2014, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak announced that all 239 on board MH 370 were dead and the aircraft had plunged into southern Indian Ocean.


The off-course distance between the spots mentioned in the first announcement and the last is calculable in several thousand nautical miles.


April 6 2014, Chinese regime announced it had recorded a ‘ping’ from the missing aircraft – whose location was some 800 nautical miles away from where it had been cited as the probable southern Indian Ocean watery grave of MH 370 by 11 nations – something which China had not contradicted.


April 8 2014, Hishammuddin went on record saying there could be a miracle after all and that all concerned pray for the ‘recovery’ of the aircraft with all on board.


And not a single journalist seriously questions these flip-flops.


If readers are willing to believe all this, they would believe any old thing.


As for ‘new things’, I have been putting a series of blogs whose condensation is given below in the undermentioned links:






Sunil Has Opened His Account?


India’s cricket establishment is temporarily under a new one-man management called Sunil Manohar Gavaskar – whose appointment was welcomed by one and all – as the harbinger of change.


For the landlubbers who are etching to ask Gavaskar who or who Gavaskar, during his playing days, Sunil was one of India's most consistent opening batsmen who set a world record of centuries which was broken, among others, by Sachin Tendulkar.


Gavaskar also is a non-resident Indian or NRI - generally known to possess an address in the United Kingdom. There are many who insist on saying that this arrangement is strictly for tax purposes.


When Gavaskar got his permanent resident status in the UK, the ICC was headquartered at Lord's or so someone of substance reminds from Fleet Street - which is no longer the headquarter of newspapers in London.


Now, ICC is headquartered in Dubai - believed to be the current home of Dawood Ibrahim. One does not know whether Sunil has a home in Dubai as well.


Let us remember the following:


1.               Gavaskar never raised one little finger against Srinivasan during the cricket betting scandal.


2.             The private cricketing empire of Srinivasan – Chennai Super Kings – has been left alone.


3.             Quite a few matches of IPL have been shifted to the Middle-East where the biggest underworld fixer is believed to be hiding after Srinivasan has become the boss of the International Cricket Conference – ICC – a post he got on the basis of his post as the Board of Control for Cricket in India [BCCI]. No television channel wants to even announce the possibility of investigating how the discredited Srinivasan of the BCCI managed to win the polls in the international body.


4.             The cricket betting scandal could be tied to India’s defence scandals and both are forgotten!


Well, you can quote me on all that and much more!





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