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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Call The Pak Bluff NOW!   Posted on Jan 15, 2013    Comments ()

India can make Pakistan behave like a pet Pekingese poodle within hours of putting out a single statement.


For details read the entire blog patiently and carefully.


I am not joking.


Upon some 20 minutes of the issuance of the proposed statement, Pakistan shall have to start shutting down its terrorism factories across the border – especially in what that rogue nation calls Azad [free] Kashmir. And we do not need to fire a single bullet in physical terms.


Pakistan’s troops are ambushing our Jawans and insulting their dead bodies in brazen attempts to lower the morale of Indian army.


War clouds with our terrorist neighbour are looming larger with every passing day.


The whole thing centres around the vexed Kashmir issue, or so Islamabad wants the majority of Indians to believe.


That is a bloody stupid joke which does not even evoke laughter. In simple terms, Pakistan wants to get even for its multiple defeats at the hands of India since 1947. To know all that, let us look at a bit of history.


Indo-Pak Overt War number I


In 1947, when a white man controlled both sides of the Indian army, dressed as irregulars, Pakistani army tried to capture what always was with India –the principality of Jammu & Kashmir or J & K for short.


This was clearly after the borders were drawn by the departing British.


The very 2 nation theory was flawed right from the beginning. What is now Pakistan never had a Muslim majority and Khan Abdul Wali Khan has documented this truth in a well presented book. The partition was done to eternally bleed India - the nation endowed with the best natural, human and industrial resources - in the name of religion so that the advanced nations could sell arms and ammuniton to the nations on either side of  newly created borders. Colonial Britain never forgave Hindus and Muslims uniting to fight her in 1857 dubbed Sepoy Mutiny - what we call our first war of independence on what had seemed like two sides of a coin - the presence of cow and pig fat on ammunition - anathema to the two religions. The fact of the matter was that we wanted our freedom then and the English did not want to give it to us. To overcome this hazard, some 28 years later - the organisation called The Indian National Congress was created by the British headed by a former civil servant AO Hume to ensure that Britain emerged from colonialism smelling like roses when they had to quit India and leave behind persons who have slavery dictating their ideology in authority. During the run up to the freedom, all those who were boldly anti-British were dubbed extremists, sent to distant prisons, at times heavily tortured and many times killed. Those of the freedom fighters who seemed to kow-tow the English thought were hailed. One such person whose career was carefully nurtured was Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. His ego was further stoked by the presence of Lady Edwina Mountbatten - the wife of India's last British Governor General - whose personal relationship with India's first PM is best left unsaid.


The biggest surprise was Mahatma Gandhi - who perhaps had seen through the evil design and tried reuniting India after the partition by trying to make MA Jinnah the PM.


Gandhiji was killed in cold blood only to prevent that - exactly 2 days before he was scheduled to leave for Pakistan.


One needn't be a genius to guess what had been in the mind of the Father of the Nation. If the experiment succeeded, there would be no need for a Pakistan and if the experiment of having Jinnah as the PM failed, none would dare to ask for a Pakistan. And if India played to Gandhiji's green methods, in the industrialisation, foreign goods could not have entered India in a big way as they still do. India would have been self-sufficient in food and in almost everything as Gandhiji was not an enemy of industrialisation but was a friend of Indianness.


So Gandhiji was killed using certain elements within the Hindu right as a cat's paw. For instance, the gun acquired by Godse and Apte was handed over by a person who seemed like a white man in Gwalior and the trail went cold just there in the trial that followed. Items like intelligence failure weren't even noticed.


The former colonial powers and the rest of the rich first world wanted India and nations like ours to remain eternally poor so that the rich nations would be eternally rich. And to do that kind of dirty work, the two Pakistans were created in the name of religious hate.


The irony was that despite the partition in 1947, there were more Muslims in India than in the two Pakistans put together!



In 1947, Pakistan tried to take Kashmir saying the valley had majority Muslims.


The assault was on the basis of the logistic axiom that all the roads leading to J & K from the Indian side had been given away to Pakistan.


White men in charge of defence on either side of the border [this is true!] took a decision to start the so-called ‘Kashmir skirmish’ way back in 1947 as its supreme military commander.


On the Pak side, it was General Douglas Gracey.


In 1947 Gracey became Chief of the General Staff and Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Pakistan Army before succeeding Frank Messervy as Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan's armed forces. 


Gracey refused to obey Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Governor General of Pakistan saying Jinnah as Governor-General represented the British Crown of which he himself was an appointee.


On the "Indian" side, the commandersin-chief between 1947 and 1948 were - Sir Robert Lockhart and Sir Roy Bucher.


Elementary, Sherlock Holmes would have said, while unravelling the Kashmir mystery. The British created the non-existent borders, the British created the war, the resultant issue, made Nehru say the silly things and encouraging the festering of the wound. Now, thanks to the bad word called terrorism, British subjects of Pak origin have come home to roost to spread hate in places like London, Birmingham and Glasgow!


Indian stalwarts like Vallab Bhai Patel and Rajagopalachari saw through the game and got the then J & K monarch Maharaja Hari Singh to sign on the dotted line – annexing his kingdom with India irrevocably.


Indian troops were airlifted to Srinagar and our soldiers stopped the Pak advance around what is now known as the Line of Actual Control.


Even as the United Nations forced a ceasefire then, the then Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, needlessly announced that the people of undivided J & K would decide their destiny vide an referendum [plebiscite] supervised by the UN.


To safeguard the demographic equation, India promulgated what is now infamous as Article 370 of The Constitution granting special status to J & K wherein no Indian from the mainland would be allowed permanent residence in that state, no Indian from the mainland can own property in J & K and repeat no Indian can hope to work in J & K without a work permit and all elected Chief Ministers of J & K would be referred to as Prime Ministers.


In the ‘skirmish’ Pakistan had ‘taken’ that part of the icy waste of Kashmir and roughly one third of the undivided J & K and termed it Azad [free] Kashmir.


India retains two thirds of the undivided J & K – a place Pakistan says is Indian Occupied Kashmir.


Since 1947, Pakistan has repeatedly tried hard to take that part, mercifully, in vain.


Indo-Pak Overt War II


In 1965, India taught Islamabad a fitting lesson when the Pak army launched its misadventure hoping the Indian army would be a soft target after we tasted defeat during the war against China.


That did not happen.


Indian troops nearly touched Lahore.


The Pakistanis were scared and begged someone to "enforce peace."


Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri flew to Tashkent [then in the Soviet Union] to discuss detente and came back as a body in a coffin - with Pakistan seemingly in victory despite an inglorious defeat. Ayub Khan even carried the coffin - as the aircraft touched down in India. How did such a healthy man suddenly die at a such a critical moment so very conveniently?



Indo-Pak Overt War III


In 1971, Pakistani army’s misdeeds in its eastern part resulted in a huge influx of refugees. India rendered that part into a new nation Bangladesh.


While India frittered away the chance of sorting out the Kashmiri issue once and for all on the basis of 90,000 Pak prisoners of war in our custody, Pakistan went into a diabolical overdrive by installing puppet regimes in Dhaka after getting the India-friendly Sheikh Mujib-Ur-Rahman assassinated lock, stock and barrel.


The fourth overt war was in 1999 in Kargil and Pakistan lost it miserably. As its aftermath, persons like Nawaz Sharif, Pervez Musharraf lost the power.


Benazir Bhutto her life [an unsolved mystery] in that mad scramble for power in Islamabad.


As a result, the highly undeserving bluebeard [wife-killer, if you please] Mr 50% Asif Ali Zardari claims to be in power shifting the blame to General Kayani, ISI, CIA and hold your breath, India's Research and Analysis Wing!


The covert wars since 1971


The think tank in Pakistan began planning hard to get even.


Firstly, it decided to demoralise Indian army by alienating the Sikhs with the issue of Khalistan – using one of the political Frankenstein monsters created by Indira Gandhi – Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale covertly and the diplomatic game through Dr Jagjit Singh Chauhan as the self-styled President in Exile of the Republic of Khalistan headquartered in London.


It did not work.


Firstly, at that point in time, Punjab produced some 70 % of India’s agricultural output.


If Khalistan was created by ‘liberating’ that part of East Punjab [the West Punjab is with Pakistan] the hardworking Sikhs would have no place to sell their produce as India would see Khalistan as an enemy nation.


The landlocked Punjab would not be able to export that stuff through the nearest ports – there are only two.


To the east there is Kandla – out of the question as that happens to be India.


To the west there is Karachi – but to export 70% of the agricultural produce needed by India, one would require the whole of Sind Province to be a single port [something that cannot be imagined at all] to export all that food.


Anyway, who would buy so much of food anywhere in the world and why should anyone do so?


Secondly the target was the next ‘K’ or Kashmir.


There was this Congress-created political tangle by upsetting the political apple-cart of one Farooq Abdullah by buying his legislators with the help of his brother-in-law Gul Shah.


For that, there was the agent provocateur Governor Jagmohan – used so cleverly by Indira Gandhi again – knowing very well that he was and is close to the right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party.


Thus began the Kashmir issue – knowing fully well that the people there had voted all along since 1947 to be with India.


New Delhi has been buying time on Kashmir by keeping Farooq Abdullah ‘entertained’ in New Delhi and his party occupied in politically profitable chairs in Srinagar. The latest fall guy is J & K CM,  the reported indecisive and playboy Abdullah scion – Omar. How similar is he to his father!


This attempt by Pak too got stymied because the average Kashmiri Muslim on the Indian side knows that his women would be gang-raped in Pakistan, his properties snatched and the whole place would become a military training ground where only opium will be grown - something similar to what is happening in PoK. Worse, the Kashmiri Muslim cannot even complain to anyone in particular including the United Nations as the Pak generals and the Inter-Services-Intelligence [ISI] will ensure that no news goes out.


Kashmiri politicians on the Indian side use this ruse to survive because that way, they can retain the cake as well as eat it in turns whenever it suits them and blame the whole thing on New Delhi.


Thirdly Pakistan infiltrated Indian militant organisations – the loony left Marxist Leninist bodies by using political issues in central India. Tricks to ambush the army and paramilitary forces were and are being taught. Funding is available to whip up sentiments using huge amounts of pillaging by selfish political interests to fuel the insurgency. That seems to be working. Vast swathes of land stretching all the way from Assam and coming right up to the borders of New Delhi are in the hands of certain sections of the red menace. The danger has begun touching the borders of Tamil Nadu too encompassing Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. A new front in the name of the proposed state of Telangana is being opened. Attempts to divide India in the name of riparian disputes


The never-ending Cauvery issue dogging Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, Almatti dam raising hackles between TN and Andhra Pradesh, the Mullaperiyar issue drawing battle lines between Kerala and Tamil Nadu are three huge examples of this perfidy.


Fourthly Pakistan inveigled itself into the group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and supplied it with arms and ammunition covertly after the terrorist body antagonised India 1987 onwards. As a result, Pakistan managed to remote control the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi making it appear that it was a cover up of Bofors scandal on the one hand and the misbehaviour of the Indian army in Tamil Sri Lanka on the other. That too did not work.


Rajiv’s killing made Indians - especially those in Tamil Nadu not only abhor Lankan Tamils but also their proposed nation of Eelam.


As its offshoot, Islamabad has cozied itself with Colombo and managed to sell the idea of China creating a port to stymie Indian exports in Lanka’s southeast in Hambantota – a potential chink in India’s defence. Now, Colombo has slapped huge penal customs duties against all Indian goods making decision makers in New Delhi like political nincompoops. Incidentally, Colombo has been brandishing the bogey of its relationship with China since 1961 thanks to the betrayals of bureaucratic advisors calling the shots in New Delhi and downing their shorts in Colombo hotels.


The Fifth ace up the Pak sleeve is the archipelago of Maldives – where a Pak friendly regime is playing havoc – to make the atoll make anti-India noises and helped kick out a company that has built three of the showcase airports in India … or in other words – insulted India overtly.


The sixth joker being tried out is through China and other nations thanks to the incestuous relationship between Islamabad and Beijing.


Pakistan is actively funnelling military hardware and fanning flames of hatred in India’s Far East 7-sister states – triggering ‘wars of independence’.


The seventh facet of this onslaught is Nepal – once a Hindu kingdom that has now become totally Maoist with the assassination of the highly corrupt monarchical family members. One need not be surprised if China manages to get much more than a toehold in Kathmandu – to checkmate India as the port for getting goods into the Himalayan kingdom.


Are these the only issues?




For some two decades, the world knew that Afghanistan is rich in mineral wealth.


At the last count, Afghanistan’s mineral wealth is worth roughly US$ 18 trillion.


In the 80’s, the Soviets tried to ‘normalise’ Afghans into communists and failed miserably with one too many body-bags coming out after the failed endeavour to milk that wealth.


The United States of America got into the act too – planting one Osama bin Laden into that lawless part of the world. Afghanistan drove the Soviets away and are now driving the Americans and the rest of the ‘forces of democratic axis’ crazy.


Now Osama has been taken out deep inside Pakistan and the military establishment in Islamabad has much worse than egg on its face.


All along, Pakistan had been the conduit for taking in supplies for NATO forces.


After the Osama misadventure blew up in the face of the US of A and the exposure of Pakistan having become a rogue state, no responsible government wants to take any chances with the Pakistani army which overtly and covertly funds terrorism, makes money out of drug trade, prostitution, finances insurgency and a lot of other worse things like political blackmail, piracy on high-seas [yes the Somalia desperadoes are controlled from Pakistan].


That is the eighth face of the conflict Pakistan has with India as the US of A and others have enlisted Indian help to ‘rebuild’ Afghanistan.


Pakistan got several of the Indian contractors kidnapped for ransom, army officers and advisors at the level of brigadier killed.


Meanwhile, the US of A and other nations on its side upped the ante.


As the port of Karachi is bad news due to the presence of gangsters like Dawood Ibrahim, a safe corridor for taking out Afghanistan’s natural wealth through the former Soviet republics has been created leading right up to the Mediterranean Sea exit into the Atlantic through other Black Sea ports. In the bargain, the US of A and others have bagged Kazakhstan and its showpiece Cosmodrome called Baikonur – the former Soviet launch-pad for rockets to be sent into space as Cape Canaveral is no longer commercially viable. This means a huge gamble of an investment in military, real estate and personnel terms. That perhaps would explain as to why the globe is in such a miserable financial hole.


The game began even when Mikhail Gorbachev was in power, who saw through this game.


So Gorby was overthrown and a distilled idiot called Boris Yeltsin was put in place.


Since then, much water has flown down the Volga. Now we have a villain called Vladimir Putin - from the same accursed KGB background - who is not at all happy with the West over the sharing of spoils.


So, the global shadow-boxing has begun with Putin trying to find common cause with China to prepare for the red takeover of the world. In this game, India has become a pawn - doing menial dirty work in Afghanistan - defending the mayor of Kabul otherwise known as the President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai - who is nothing but a cheapskate smuggler of drugs who stashes money abroad with virtually zero authority. He pretends to blow hot and cold at the military establishment in Pakistan, makes India believe he will do business with New Delhi, rattles sabres against Washington and sits in office after two rigged elections!


All along, Pakistan was the handsomely paid defecation washing/wiping hand of the West in Afghanistan. Now that the job is being done more efficiently by India, Pakistan’s gravy train is fast disappearing leading to desperate measures on the part of its army under persons like General Kayani.


That brings all of us back to the ninth aspect of the Pakistan’s anti-India wars – the incidents like 26/11, the attack on Parliament, the sudden overdrive in Kashmir and the funding-training of all sorts of dissatisfied elements deep inside India.


With this background India can simply tell the civilised first world as follows:


  • India is the vanguard to face the Chinese aggression – out to blackmail the world with the balance of payment issue loaded in favour of Beijing where a regime pretends to be communist but is dangerously criminal capitalist – with the entire state creating sinister plots to swallow the world. The first world has none else but India to help it out as a frontier against the emerging strongest villain state of the world.


  • Pakistan needs doles to keep it solvent running into approximately US$ 1.5 billion a week. That is on the debit side. India is on the credit side of the world as we are the world’s largest somewhat free market. If the West wants to continue doing business with India, the first world must immediately stop the weekly financial resuscitation being granted to keep the current ruling disposition in Pakistan alive, freeze all the ill-gotten assets of Pak military rogues, impose economic sanctions and force a political change.


  • The world at large should also shut the shop of state sponsored anarchy in Lanka – but getting the dole to Colombo stopped after the ruling disposition has sacked its female Chief Justice on some of the flimsiest charges. Besides, some 24 nations of the world depend on the expatriate Tamils’ votes to survive in marginal parliamentary constituencies. To help the Tamils on the one hand and to get closer to India through the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu let the first world crack the whip at the war criminal Mahinda Rajapaksa.


  • The bluff of Pakistan on Kashmir can be called by saying India is ready for the plebiscite promised by Nehru thus:


  1. The plebiscite will be held under the direct and joint supervision of the United Nations, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation [NATO] and Non-Aligned Movement [NAM].


  1. Equal publicity of the economies on either side of the Line of Actual Control will be given to both the sides. For instance, Indian administered J & K has an annual Gross Domestic Product [GDP] equivalent to US$ 24 billion, the state of J & K has 4 airports, rail connections reaching almost the borders, several dozen universities, hospitals and hotels plus the preserved demographic equation of Kashmiri Muslims. The GDP of PoK is not even US$ 1 billion annually - despite that being one third of India's J & K.


  1. The plebiscite will be held whenever Pakistan would allow the world at large to find out whether the same demographic equation exists in what India calls Pakistan Occupied Kashmir just as Nehru promised. This caveat is being mentioned because PoK does not have even 10 Kashmiri Muslim families living together contiguously. The whole place has been taken over by Pakistan's military establishment.


  1. Meanwhile, if Pakistan does not stop exporting its worst product terrorism into India and the neighbourhood, India will impose penal duties on all goods from nations perceived to be inimical towards India viz. Sri Lanka and Maldives to start with besides, of course, Pakistan.


  1. All Most Favoured Nation statuses will be cancelled with immediate effect. Bans will be imposed on all ships touching Indian shores that visit Pakistan, and/or Sri Lanka and/or Maldives till the regimes continue having connections with Pakistan.


  1. Pak, Lankan and Maldives aircraft will be denied permission to overfly Indian airspace. None from India – citizens or otherwise will be allowed to visit Sri Lanka and/or Maldives and/or Pakistan. Borders will be sealed.


  1. Military, civil and financial sanctions will be imposed on Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Maldives till the three continue to have truck with the current political disposition in Islamabad.


These are of course very huge measures.


But then, there is an easy way out.


The world can stop the doles to Pakistan and Lanka and the whole threat to the region and instability funded and aided overtly and covertly by China would come to a grinding halt.


That would suit the world at large.


Pak sponsored terrorism in India would end within a few weeks as the weak and non-existent government in Pakistan would cease to exist.


Is all that so easy?


Yes, indeed.


Will such a course of events take place?


I do not think so.




Kindly download, read the following link and come to a conclusion.




Please remember that within 2 weeks of my blog getting published [December 2010] the direct link of the perfidy in Pakistan – one Salman Thassir – was assassinated the same way as Indira Gandhi was assassinated.


Salman was the man who owned the restaurant in UK where Rajiv Gandhi met Edvige Antonia Albina Maino alias Sonia for the first time. 


Then Salman was an operative of the ISI.


Salman was killed in January 2011 by his bodyguards over a support to someone undeserving on religious lines.


When he was bumped off, he was the Governor of Pakistan administered Punjab and belonged to the ruling Pakistan People's Party! 


I think there is bigger mischief afoot.


United Progressive Alliance [version II] desperately needs a massive show to impress the people of India.


In the past, Indira Gandhi managed to do that in 1971.


Will it be done again to satisfy the hunger for power and pelf of some of the most undeserving persons who control UPA II?

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