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Monday, July 23, 2012

Pardon the Gaffe Again - VIII - Sporting USA and Unsporting India   Posted on Jul 23, 2012    Comments ()

We copy a lot from the United States of America.


Here is something the world’s best known democracy has done.


Following exposure of the sexual abuse of young children by a queer coach named Jerry Sandusky and the continued inaction by one of the state’s voluntary controlling body, the National Collegiate Athletics’ Association [NCAA] has levied a massive fine on Penn State Varsity.


What one of the worst known sports’ administrators of India – a person answering to the name of Suresh Kalmadi – has done in India – when properly investigated may amount to a lot worse in terms of abuse of athletes, funds of the nation and India’s prestige.


But then, we are still debating about Kalmadi’s London Olympics’ official junket.


Kalmadi had spent months in a New Delhi prison, claimed partial insanity, and finally is out on bail.


Very conveniently, all that is forgotten and Kalmadi is insisting on his fundamental right to go on the junket because of an official invitation.


The main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party's Vijay Kumar Malhotra is not even seriously opposing this!


In case readers have forgotten, I had exposed the perfidy of Kalmadi, why he had been exposed and that he was the agent provocateur of Union Minister and Nationalist Congress Party boss Sharad Pawar within the Congress.


The link:




[The man who was hailed in the above column – my first boss in the field of journalism – SK Sham – passed away last year.]


Here are excerpts from a report put out by NPR, one of the best in internet radios.


Saying that the punishment is “warranted by the conspiracy of silence” among Penn State University’s top leadership that turned a blind eye to former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky’s sexual abuse of young boys, the NCAA just announced sanctions on the school that include:


— A $60 million fine. The money will go into an endowment fund to support programmes around the nation that assist victims of sexual abuse, NCAA President Mark Emmert said.


— A ban on participation in post-season football bowl games for four years.


— A reduction in the number of football scholarships from 25 to 15 for four years.


— The vacating of all the football team’s wins for the years 1998-2011. It was in 1998 that university officials first heard that Sandusky might be sexually abusing young boys.


The school, Emmert said, had allowed its athletic culture to go “horribly awry.”


And without naming former head coach Joe Paterno, Emmert said the school had allowed one person to become too powerful.


Earlier this afternoon, All Things Considered host Robert Siegel asked Emmert why — if the NCAA didn’t want to impose the death penalty because that would punish too many people, including players, who had nothing to do with Sandusky’s crimes or any cover-up of them — it is denying current players the chance to go to bowl games?


That sanction is “certainly meant to have a punitive impact on the institution,” Emmert said, not the players. And the message it should send, he added, is that “for the next four or five years, Penn State, don’t worry about going to the Rose Bowl; worry about getting your culture right.”


Even as several bodies in the affected Penn State slammed the punitive measure, NCAA said Death Penalty “Was Not Severe Enough.”


“The NCAA sanctions on Penn State, taken in sum, far exceed the severity of shutting down a programme for a year or two. Our sanctions address the cultural change necessary at Penn State. What some refer to as the death penalty was not severe enough,” a statement published on the NCAA website said.


As for the vacated wins, the NCAA says:


“All wins are removed from the NCAA’s official records. Wins attributed to the coach of a team whose penalties are vacated will also be expunged. Opposing teams are not granted wins.”


“Because Penn State will be ineligible for bowl games for the next four years, it will therefore be ineligible to receive its share of Big Ten Conference bowl revenues over those same four years,” the athletic conference just announced. “That money, estimated to be approximately $13 million, will be donated to established charitable organizations in Big Ten communities dedicated to the protection of children.”


“Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the victims of Mr. Sandusky and all other victims of child abuse. ... Against this backdrop, Penn State accepts the penalties and corrective actions announced today by the NCAA. With today’s announcement and the action it requires of us, the university takes a significant step forward,” said University President Rodney Erickson.


“I will do everything in my power to not only comply, but help guide the university forward to become a national leader in ethics, compliance and operational excellence,” opined Football coach Bill O’Brien – hired last season.


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a newspaper based in Penn state had a different take as it said that the punishments are likely to have an even “more crippling effect” because of their length and severity. Barring Penn State from postseason play for four years, for example, may make it difficult to recruit top players. And current players will be allowed to transfer to other schools without having to wait to compete again.


One of the worst affected by the whole thing was a coach called Joe Paterno – who had recently established a record in Division I.


Just before his firing last November, Paterno had set the record for most wins as a Division I football coach — with 409. Wiping away the wins from 1998-2011 removes 111 victories from his record, the newspaper says. So, “the loss of victories means Joe Paterno is no longer college football’s winningest coach,” the highly acclaimed USA Today newspaper said.


“With the wins from 1998-2011 vacated, Paterno drops from 409 wins to 298, dropping him from first to 12th on the ‘winningest’ NCAA football coach list. Penn State will also have six bowl wins and two conference championships erased,” ESPN, the well-known sports channel editorialised.


Meanwhile, Emmert informed reporters that Penn State has signed an agreement accepting the punishments.


This is what Wikipedia says about NCAA:


The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is an association of 1,281 institutions, conferences, organizations and individuals that organizes the athletic programmes of many colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. It is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.


August 1973, the current three-division setup of Divisions I, II and III was adopted by the NCAA membership in a special convention. Under NCAA rules, Division I and Division II schools can offer scholarships to athletes for playing a sport. Division III schools may not offer any athletic scholarships. Generally, larger schools compete in Division I and smaller schools in II and III. Division I football was further divided into I-A and I-AA in 1978. Subsequently the term "Division I-AAA" was briefly added to delineate Division I schools which do not field a football program at all, but that term is no longer officially used by the NCAA. In 2006, Divisions I-A and I-AA were respectively renamed the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) and Football Championship Subdivision (FCS).


My little footnotes:




Can’t India copy from an organisation headquartered in US of A’s Indianapolis, Indiana?




The 5 biggest scandals in the world of sport during the last century by a website called blindloop.com:


Car Racing


It was 2008 and the event was Singapore Formula 1, Nelson Piquet Jr. was ordered by Renault team to intentionally crash his car making way for Fernando Alonso to win.


Renault team was heavily criticised for this act of sheer shame and putting Formula 1’s credibility in doubts. Some sports journalists called it world’s worst ever act.


The Times of London’s Simons Barnes, called the act the “worst single piece of cheating in the history of sport,” wrote,


“This is no run-of-the-mill piece of skullduggery. The Renault team’s crime was not an act of cheating as mere fraudulence. Rather, it was cheating as a potentially lethal act; as potential murder, if you like.”




Tim Donaghy was a very experienced NBA referee.


He supervised and judged over 750 games during his 13 years long career. Frequency of his incorrect decisions caused the start of an inquiry against him.


Reports revealed Donaghy was betting on games that he himself officiated, making calls that altered the game in his favour.


As a result Donaghy was fined $500,000.


Spain was stripped of their intellectual disability basketball gold medals shortly after the Games closed ,after Carlos Ribagorda, a member of the victorious team and an undercover journalist, revealed to the Spanish business magazine Capital that most of his colleagues had not undergone medical tests to ensure that they had a disability.


The IPC investigated the claims and found that the required mental tests, which should show that the competitors have an IQ of no more than 70, were not conducted by the Spanish Paralympic Committee (CPE).


Ribagorda alleged that some Spanish participants in the table tennis, track and field, and swimming events were also not disabled, meaning that five medals had been won fraudulently.


Cricket is no doubt most famous sports in India. Indian Premiere League is one of the top 5 biggest sports league in the world with worth over well $4 billion.


Lalit Modi the man behind the success of this giant league was axed by authorities on allegations of tax evasion, kick-backing, possible betting and misuse of power.


This scandal nearly brought a political catastrophe in India.


TSV Hari adds here:


Modi is evading arrest, is staying abroad and continues to take potshots against the Indian cricketing establishment.


This is despite tall claims by the police department in Tamil Nadu’s capital and India’s fourth largest metropolis – Chennai.


Its former commissioner Rajendran had vowed to arrest Modi in the pas after having registered a serious series of cases.


Among other things, Rajendran himself has been charged with the cover-up of what may be a cold blooded murder of Sadiq Batcha – a former aide of ex-Union Cabinet Minister for telecom – A Raja – an act that has impeded the probe into the Rs.1.76 trillion 2G Spectrum Scam.


The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, a political party that has been almost washed up in southern India continues to be represented in the Union Cabinet.


The minister concerned is M.K. Azhagiri – who had been acquitted of murder charges on technical grounds. Incidentally, Azhagiri, currently being probed for dubious deals in the Chemicals and Fertiliser Ministry, is elder to the DMK political heir M.K. Stalin.


Azhagiri does neither speak English nor has been credited with making a single oral statement in the Indian parliament.


The decisions taken by Azhagiri have mostly benefited a commercial entity that deals with fertilisers, owned by close relatives of Union Home Minister P Chidambaram.  


Incidentally, Chidambaram himself has been accused of wrongdoing in the telecom scam.


And despite all this, the ruling United Progressive Alliance’s controller – the Indian National Congress headed by Sonia Gandhi – and the DMK claim jointly that both are against corruption!


Among other things, evidence has been provided through various forums against none other than Sonia Gandhi herself – and has been accused of having accepted slush funds from the former Soviet spying agency KGB.


The boss of the Board for Control of Cricket in India – Srinivasan – who also was once a close associate of Modi and owns the successful Chennai Super Kings is being investigated by various federal agencies for tax evasion, fraud and other offences.


Cricket, again!


August 2010, Pakistan national team was visiting England when a leading English newspaper revealed a scandal involving Pakistan’s top 3 players including their test captain Salman Butt.


It was alleged that two leading Pakistani fast bowlers deliberately bowled no balls in return of 150000 pounds. All the three men involved in scam were suspended by International Cricket Conference [ICC].


The players continue to claim innocence.


TSV Hari adds again


Pakistani cricket’s ex-father figure Imran Khan had admitted to ball-tampering in his own published autobiography while playing county cricket in England.


Umpiring and other decisions engineered by Khan had affected the careers of Indian cricketers ‘Colonel’ Dilip Vengsarkar and current chairman of selectors Krishnamachari Srikkanth.


The entire world has shunned Pakistan and its cricket. Out of nowhere, India fitted a sudden, unscheduled series during its current winter cricket season to favour Pakistan despite serious questions being raised by the elder statesman of Indian cricket – Sunil Manohar Gavaskar, the first one to break the record of legendary batsman Sir Don Bradman.


As a result, Gavaskar is being blackballed by the BCCI!

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P M Ravindran said...

Thank you, Hari. I am sharing this link on fb.

Posted on: 7/24/2012

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