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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Thoughts On An Easter   Posted on Apr 20, 2014    Comments ()

I heard that you were at Sriperumbudur – at the Rajiv Gandhi memorial. You were spotted crying.


That was how a journalist friend began a conversation the other day. I did not want to ask him as to how he knew despite my having been alone then - just with my driver. I hadn't seen anyone suspicious around me either. This could mean I was being followed, am being watched and will be ceaselessly spied upon. I do not care a tuppence.


Yes, that much is true, I said.




Durng my last visit to Kanchipuram - I had stopped at the Rajiv memorial. I realised how the man seemed to have died needlessly - murdered in cold blood by the very persons in whom he had placed a lot of trust and grief had overcome me.


The driver of my vehicle - an ardent supporter of the Congress - saw this, asked the reasons and when I explained, shed a few tears as well.


Parenthesis ends


All of us thought you hated the Congress … the friend continued.


The founder of the Indian National Congress – Allan Octavian Hume, a former civil servant who crushed the first freedom struggle in 1857 in what has now become Uttar Pradesh – was its founder. I keep hearing that it was Hume who recommended the public beheading of all the relatives of the last Mughal – Bahadur Shah Zafar publicly in Delhi and sending the old man to die in loneliness in Burma. I have no evidence of this, but, the rumours have come from very good sources. During the freedom struggle, the Congress performed the role of identifying the true nationalist intentions of patriots like Tilak, VO Chidambaram Pillai, Aurobindo Ghosh, Gokhale and others – to the British – to permanently sideline them, crush their spirit, enterprise and will to fight. In my opinion, the Congress was begun by the British to provide an escape route for the colonial rulers and go away with less than a scratch. Nehru performed that role with the correct cunningness. Even as he was trying to undo the partition – Gandhiji was murdered. The probe as to who provided the gun to Godse stopped in the nick of time to permanently cloud the identity of a man who had seemed like a male Caucasian in central India. After 67 years of Congress rule, India is still poverty stricken. All the things we have to show to the world now are scandals, more scandals and the most stinking scandals. Yes, I have enough reasons to hate the Congress – the way the party is being run now, I said.




My views in this regard are well known. Here is the link:




This was penned April 11 2011.


Parenthesis ends


When alive, Rajiv was the Congress and scion of the Nehru Gandhi clan. And yet you shed tears for him.


The friend was persistent.


Rajiv was a naïve politician. He thought he could run the Congress without local interference with money from the Bofors deal without realising that the move would create a huge enemy in the then Soviet Union’s spying agency – the KGB. The Kremlin betrayed Rajiv, provided the Bofors secrets. The Russians wanted to take over the American listening post in Trincomalee for two reasons. Firstly, the Soviets wanted to know every move – defence and otherwise in southern India. Secondly, the height of the hills in the best natural harbour of South Asia in the Emerald Isle also gave an uninterrupted view – if it can be called one – all the way to Diego Garcia atoll – the NATO base in the Indian Ocean. Rajiv was misled to sign an accord with Lanka to guarantee peace to the island and also to end terrorism. Rajiv did not know that geopolitics did not work that way. In my opinion, the same Soviets used Rajiv to test the murky waters around Lanka, then the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam – to bump him off – and leave Sri Lanka in a permanent state of flux. In my opinion again, Sonia gave support from the inside and ensured that none of Rajiv assassins with blood on their hands lived and is making a mockery circus of the Indian judicial system by playing with lives of the 7 convicts – of whom 3 are still supposedly on death row, despite the Tamil Nadu assembly having passed a unanimous resolution against their hanging. I felt sad for the naïve man – who had some good ideas in his heart. But, as the adage – roads to doomsday are often paved with good intentions – was proven during his life and through his death. I felt that a handsome man – who seemed to be so full of life – was betrayed and felled – with the connivance of the woman he had married. I have been saying since 2010 that Sonia Gandhi alias Edvige Antonia Albina Maino is a double agent of Pakistan’s ISI and what had been the Soviet Union. Rajiv Gandhi was a brother Indian who was killed in the political Chakravyooha created by the Russians and his own wife besides a number of treacherous Indian politicians who belonged to and continue to belong to what is still known as the Indian National Congress. And I felt sorry for the man – who seemed to be somewhat innocent with all the flaws of a silly adult.

This has been, is and will be my belief in this matter. 




I have charged Sonia Gandhi of being a suspected agent of the ISI and KGB.


The link:




This was published in December 2010 – a few weeks before the killing of Salman Tasser – the ISI agent who helped Edvige Albina Antonia Maino meet Rajiv Gandhi in Cambridge in 1965.


Parenthesis ends


Born into a Muslim family, but who has become an agnostic, the journalist pal was thoughtful.


So what would you want India to doduring the ongoing elections? Like all, he too seemed to be interested in the results of the forthcoming polls.


Who am I to decide? The people have a choice – a man of strong opinions – a somewhat suspect track record – armed with a lot of good intentions - one Narendra Damodardas Modi – surrounded by all sorts of persons of completely dubious reputations. He does not seem to have any worthwhile challenger in the horizon other than many from within the Bharatiya Janata Party – who are waiting to stab him on the back. Rahul Gandhi is nothing more than comic relief. There is none else to cock a snook at Modi. Yet, I see evil winds blowing from all directions towards India. Else, there is very little to choose between the Congress, its creation – the Aam Aadmi Party, the right-wing BJP, the flotsam and jetsam of Indian politics – the left and the regional parties which are headed by self-centred leaders – in my opinion – nothing more than personifications of selfishness. I have a devil and a deep blue sea as the choices. Worse, I do not even know how to swim.


Some of my views:








I must say I sounded completely bitter.


Those are the words of a cynic. Is there a cause for hope at all?


The conversation - which is being cut short - saddened my friend who loves this nation as much as me.


Today happens to be Good Friday, the day Jesus Christ was crucified. If one believes in the Bible and Christian history – he invoked his influence with His Heavenly father to forgive those who were killing Him despite being in what could be described as excruciating pain. All hopes were lost when he was laid to rest. Yet, the person worshipped as Son of God resurrected and generated hope. There may be many who would call all the world’s ancient holy men as phoney. But, I would like to believe in The Christ as much as I would like to believe in Krishna and Karim. The Bible is 2000 plus years old. Even if it is to be derided as fiction by atheists and non-Christians – I would believe in the noble thought of Christ – who did not say I, Jesus, son of Joseph and Mary forgive those of you who are killing me! Instead, He requested His Heavenly Father to forgive his tormentors. That is heavenly humility – something I as an ordinary mortal do not possess. Forms of Godhead are in myriad – because they are all concepts of humans – and therefore – flawed. The very idea of God is a concept that is immaculate ... and hence … beyond the reach of ordinary mortals like me.


I said this without rancour ... somewhat flatly.




My views on religion are well known – and they have many times alienated me from some of those who called themselves my friends.


Yet, I am what I am.


The links:








Parenthesis ends


The friend shrugged his shoulders and went away.


For no apparent reason, at this juncture I felt very emotional.


I could feel the presence of the concept of God around me, as though saying, Have faith and patience son. Wouldn’t you think we know a wee bit better than you?  


So I pray to The Almighty this Easter and nurture hope.


Father in heaven, forgive us, for we have sinned! But then, we are your children, are we not? Can’t you generate hope as you did by your resurrection nearly 2000 years ago … one more time please?


Those were very heavy thoughts.


Here are some lighter ones:


Rahul Gandhi, 43, angry middle-aged man, ineligible bachelor, Congress’s PRINCE HARMING


जादूई झाडू झड गई? छड्डो यार!


மோடி மோதினாரா, மூடினாரா? மாட்டினாரா?


Manm0han Singh: King Sin sinking.


Mody moodily Moody-downgraded!


मोदी - न ललित न सुशील?


Sharad/Ajit Pawar – paw-war, pow-er, powerless, water-lies!


Nitish is Nitwit?




கருணை! நிதி, நிதி! மக்கள்: மிதி, மிதி!


छे! ये ला लि ता?


Prakash, Carrot carat, party: car-actor less


Advani: Call the BJP president Raj Naag Singh!


Sonia: Power of Shoonya! Shoonyam in Tamil means zero and also black-magic!


Robert – wads of raw, rob-bery bobs! 

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