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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Mayday Mayhem! Pakistan Rules India and Karunanidhi Controls Jaya!   Posted on May 1, 2013    Comments ()

India is being administered from Islamabad through what I consider Pakistan’s moll Sonia Gandhi and the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu is being ruled by proxy – by the wily but politically discredited villain - one Karunanidhi through a set of critically positioned agent provocateurs.


The so-called Islamic Pakistan had always wanted to humble India after losing 4 serious wars to its Hindu neighbour.


It has succeeded thus:


  1. Sonia Gandhi, who was inserted into the Nehru-Gandhi household through her affair with Rajiv Gandhi initiated by a joint operation of Pakistani Inter-Services-Intelligence agent Salman Tasser and what had been the Soviet Union’s external spying agency – the KGB in 1965, in the United Kingdom has beaten all odds to control India sans any constitutional authority.


Read: http://tsvhari.com/template_article.asp?id=230


The live-link evidence, Tasser was assassinated in Pakistan – January 2011 – within 3 weeks of an expose [link cited above] exactly the same way as Indira Gandhi was assassinated in 1984 – by bodyguards – using the apparent alibi of insult to the dominant majority religion by a minority religion. In Indira’s case it was Sikhism and in the case of Tasser – it was blasphemy against Islam.


  1. To ‘avenge’ the hanging of Pak terrorist Ajmal Kasab in an Indian prison in February 2013, Pakistani state has beaten alleged Indian spy Sarabjit Singh to pulp in the Pak prison in Lahore called Kot Lakhpat.


This is what The Gulf Times said about the incident:


Singh was hospitalised with a serious head injury after two fellow prisoners attacked him at the Kot Lakhpat Jail, , a doctor said.

“Sarabjit was having tea with fellow prisoners Mohamed Muddasar and Amir, also condemned to death in murder cases. They exchanged heated words with Sarabjit and attacked him with bricks and blades,” jail official Munawar Ali said.

Meanwhile Sarabjit’s sister Dalbir Kaur told the NDTV news channel, “I had told everybody he is not safe. This is a conspiracy. The attack was pre-planned.”

After the incident, four officials including the jail warden were suspended.

Singh was arrested in Pakistan in 1991 and sentenced to death for spying and carrying out four bomb blasts that killed 14 people. His family claims he is innocent.

His family says he is the victim of mistaken identity and had inadvertently strayed across the border in a drunken state.

Four years ago, Pakistan’s then-president Pervez Musharraf stayed the execution after appeals for clemency from India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Authorities had tightened Sarabjit’s security after the recent execution in India of Afzal Guru, who was convicted of involvement in the 2001 terror attack on the Parliament.

The Kot Lakhpat jail currently has some 17,000 prisoners though its official capacity is only 4,000. There have been instances in the past of prisoners being killed within the prison.

Indian national Chamel Singh died in the same jail under suspicious circumstances.

Link: http://www.gulf-times.com/india/185/details/350512/sarabjit-singh-critical-after-lahore-jail-attack

  1. It is a matter of very little importance to anyone that (a) the said prisoner Sarabjit Singh had told the Indian regime that he feared for his life within the prison; (b) Pakistan had claimed it had increased the security for Singh since the hanging of Kasab; (c) Singh was a death-row convict whose hanging had been stayed; (d) those who had tea with him were also death-row prisoners and death-row prisoners are not supposed to socialise; (e) Indian government ignored the pleas of Singh, born a Sikh whose family claims the man had strayed into Pakistan in a drunken state and certainly is not repeat not a spy-saboteur as claimed by Pakistan; and (f) Pakistani generals and politicians bluntly ‘advising’ Indian media bigwigs thus: What is the big deal? Singh was a death-row convict meant to be hung till death – attacked by other death-row prisoners! To hold the Pakistani state responsible for the alleged attack, which can prove to be fatal, is preposterous! If Pakistan is to be blamed, so also India has to be blamed for the murder of thousands of Muslims in Kashmir!  

Incidentally, the British had ‘helped’ the ‘purchase’ of Kashmir by the Dogra clan using money looted from the Sikhs’ holiest shrine – the Golden Temple in Amritsar during the colonial era.

Pakistan has been trying to avenge its 4 defeats since 1947 by fomenting trouble in Punjab [the Khalistan tangle] and Kashmir with little success.

India’s Ministry of External Affairs [MEA] can call Pakistan’s bluff on Kashmir and Khalistan anytime.



But, sadly, for the MEA, it is an indirect statement of mea culpa [literal meaning: an acknowledgment of guilt] by repeated denial of any wrongdoing!

The wrongdoing is now visible – in the Indian financial markets.


Thanks to some meticulous planning by terrorist Dawood Ibrahim, Pakistan did a run on India’s second largest public sector financial enterprise – Bank of Baroda.


The man used for that purpose is one TM Bhasin, currently CMD, Indian Bank, against serious charges of fraud, cheating and skulduggery are pending since 2012 in the Central Vigilance Commission.


Bhasin’s actions ‘inspired’ by Ibrahim caused Bank of Baroda’s shares to take a steep dive recently. Some sort of parity was restored after this:




Despite the vast evidence provided in the blog above, no action has been taken against TM Bhasin.


Who is snagging the action?


One P Chidambaram, India’s federal Finance Minister.




Reports suggest that Chidambaram’s only son Karti is one of Bhasin’s closest friends.


Bhasin is said to network other banks’ directors and auditors visiting Karti in his office in Chennai’s fashionable district of Nungambakkam in an office located in a building – aptly named El Dorado!


Well, it is rumoured that Chidambaram hopes to succeed Dr Man Mohan Singh at the centre [the poor Sikh’s exit seems to be imminent after the Supreme Court throws the book at Union Law Minister Ashwini Kumar who blotted his copybook over Coal-Gate but always sports a Colgate smile for the benefit of television cameras].


The other thing is Karti Chidambaram is hopeful of becoming Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu when the fights within the DMK between Stalin, Alagiri, Kanimozhi and the Maran siblings becomes unbearable for old man Karunanidhi [about whom we will discuss in a moment].


The funding for this operation is being networked by none other than Bhasin.


The possibility is because of the plausible 3rd front idea being floated by Samajwadi Party [its Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav was in Chennai recently] to check-mate Jayalalithaa by networking the former electoral allies of the ruling All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam led by Chief Minister Jayalalithaa like washed up actor Vijaykant, discredited politician Dr Ramadoss – founder leader of the Pattali Makkal Katchi [who reportedly funded the recent jamboree visit of Yadav but felt nonplussed at the Uttar Pradesh CM’s apparent disinterest in loosening any purse string whatsoever] and the party headed by Thol Thirumavalavan – whose Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi – VCK – has scores to settle with former UP CM Mayawati – who had broken his party by weaning a former legislator away.


Bhasin, who uses the network of corrupt Punjabi businessmen in New Delhi and had had the temerity of claiming to have financed the elevation of Pranab Mukherjee to the Rashtrapathi Bhavan, hopes to be either made a deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India or even becoming the FM at the centre thanks to his cosiness with the ambitious father-son-duo of Chidambaram and Karti.


So, Pakistan’s designs on India’s economic standing through Dawood go unchecked.


The humbling of the proud Sikh community continues with the acquittal of reported mass-murderer Sajjan Kumar, the dithering in the yet-to-happen investigations against Jagdish Tytler accused of the same kind of mayhem in 1984 is relentless.


The Sikh Sarabjit is openly made a scapegoat in a Pakistani jail.


The female representative of the Sikh religion in the Nehru-Gandhi clan – Maneka Gandhi was driven out of the Gandhi household after her husband Sanjay Gandhi – considered Indira’s heir apparent dropped dead under mysterious circumstances.


And when Dr Manmohan Singh is sacrificed. it would be the ultimate body blow to the Sikhs.


Why the Sikhs?


Well, the Sikhs are considered the sword arm of the Indian army. Men from the community have done the largest number of supreme sacrifices for the defence of India. Defeating the never-say-die-mindset of Sikhs is as good as defeating India.


After all, the 10th and last Guru of Sikhs – Shri Gobind Rai – had proclaimed that the Sikhs would serve as the sword and shield arms of undivided Hindu India from all foreign threats by ushering in an egalitarian system of governance of equitable distribution of wealth in the KHALSA method vide the first Anandpur Sahib Resolution.


Pakistan is using the second Anandpur Sahib Resolution that demanded the establishment of the non-viable concept of the independent state of Khalistan to foment terrorism in India’s most industrious state and the other state in the neighbourhood – Kashmir – considered India’s crowning glory.


The Nehru clan has its origins in Kashmir.


So what could be better than destroying India by an agent provocateur placed within the Nehru-Gandhi clan itself ruling India with an iron hand sans any constitutional authority – by merely controlling a party which has no leadership material including Rajiv offspring Rahul and whose political adjuncts depend on the family’s charisma to win even the smallest of elections?


Well, Pakistan is doing exactly that … destroying the Indian never-say-die psyche, destroying its finances, its tourism industry [Kashmir] and laying low the financial capital of Mumbai by remote controlled terrorism using Muslims whose patriotism towards India was pronounced during the 1965 war with Pakistan – that won the Hero Abdul Hamid his posthumous Param Veer Chakra – India’s highest military award.


The idea is to divide India on its main religious lines – Hindus versus Muslims versus Christians.


Is such an operation is being directed from Islamabad and Karachi by General Kiyani and Dawood Ibrahim?


Well, all of India’s vital political parameters yell that possibility.


Now to the other part of India – Tamil Nadu.


Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam President M Karunanidhi seems to be virtually remote-controlling the movements of Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa and working out a scorched earth policy to destroy the most visible part of southern India – Tamil Nadu.


Here is how:


  1. Jayalalithaa’s aide and confidante Sasikala Natarajan who had been ignominiously expelled from the Chief Minister’s household for allegedly administering mind-controlling drugs – is back again. Sasikala’s husband Natarajan had been known for his closeness to Karunanidhi. Police sources say that it was Sasikala who had leaked the so-called resignation letter reportedly penned by Jayalalithaa during her first reign through those who mattered in the opposition [read Karunanidhi].


  1. The former Chennai city police commissioner T Rajendran, who hushed up the murder of Sadiq Batcha, the aide of 2G Spectrum allocation scandal infamy – Andimuthu Raja under reported instructions of Karunanidhi and who was transferred to the prisoner department came back to head the Tamil Nadu police’s intelligence wing 48 hours! The murder effectively plugged several leaks that could have sunk Raja.









Rajendran is close to Sasikala and now heads the investigation wing of the State Human Rights Commission. Sasikala relatives and clansmen control the Tamil Nadu Human Rights Commission that virtually is denying justice to a huge number of persons who have been wronged by the police [especially in the form of cruel actions against innocent protestors in Koodankulam who wanted the nuke power plant made by the former Soviets stopped from being commissioned].


  1. Rajendran who had falsely claimed to have ‘solved’ the triple murder of Dr S Saravanan, the former boss of Tamil Nadu Minerals Ltd is indirectly directing the investigations of the Granite export scandal in which the son of Alagiri has managed to evade arrest and obtain bail and the other kingpins in the racket too are enjoying a free life.


The Granite loot scandal is larger than the available figures put out by the Comptroller and Auditor General in the 2G Spectrum allocation stink – at Rs.24 lakh crores!






  1. Jayalalithaa’s television channel Jaya TV is under the control of one Rabi Bernard.


The channel’s former head Income Tax honcho quit recently.


Bernard is said to be in regular touch on phone with his former flunkey Florent Pereira, who is the de facto head of – hold your breath – Kalaignar TV!  


Pereira had been in Vijay TV earlier where Bernard had served.


Pereira, according to police sources also meets relatives of Sasikala.


  1. One peeved police officer explains it all:


  1. What is there for the de facto head of Jaya TV discussing matters with the de facto head of Kalaignar TV and what does the de facto head of Kalaignar TV want to discuss with relatives of Sasikala if not controlling every move of Chief Minister Jayalalithaa?


  1. Did Rabi Bernard not cut his teeth in the television business in Sun TV, whose GRP ratings are 1400 plus, Vijay TV where he served is 400 plus and Jaya TV – which he controls now – has ratings below 50? None of the channels he worked for did well, and managed to survive only after he left. He is supposed to be the main face for the national media in New Delhi in his role as a member of parliament … something he hasn’t done at all. Now, which role will he do better – that of a Rajya Sabha MP or the boss of a channel?


  1. For nearly 6 years, Jaya TV had been an also ran in most aspects.


  1. Its ratings had improved after the telecast of Cho Ramaswamy’s serial on Hinduism – Engey Brahmanan.


  1. Its profitability had zoomed beyond a dozen crores if its unaudited annual report is to be believed – more than double what it had been for some 6 years.


  1. Since Bernard taking over, Jayalalithaa’s personal auditor a gentleman whose name starts with the letter ‘D’ is being forced to scale down the profits in the balance sheet ‘during a stringent audit!’


  1. It is being done, apparently to besmirch the reputation of all those who began rooting out systematic corruption in the channel in recent times.


  1. The idea, the top police officer went on to say is simple but diabolic. Jaya’s only link with the people is her television channel. Making it defunct or redundant would serve one massive purpose – cutting her off from her supporters. And then Karunanidhi can hope for the best … And to do that, the plan of action is simple. He knows very well that he cannot solve the differences between his sons Stalin and Alagiri. His daughter Kanimozhi – the most acceptable face of the party is peeved with her father because she was pitchforked into the 2G Spectrum scandal through her shares in Kalaignar TV – in which – she never had any hand. Her closeness to Raja resulted in her canvassing for his ministerial position at the behest of her father … who wanted to settle scores with Sun Network that had led to the sacking of Dayanidhi Maran. After his mysterious re-entry, the critical planting of news items that damaged Kalaignar TV began including an alleged punch up with its earlier de facto boss Sarat Kumar Reddy. To help her father, the media savvy Kanimozhi interceded with Shahid Balwa – the Mumbai real estate shyster – but the money was collected from him by her half-brother Stalin who met Balwa and others in what is now Park Sheraton. For nothing at all, except her closeness to Raja, Kanimozhi became the fall gal who rotted in prison and has now adopted a low profile. Once her Rajya Sabha membership expires … she would be out on a limb again … not knowing who would support her. Her feeble attempts to get on the right side of Alagiri too have come a cropper. When one realises that she is the brightest of the Karunanidhi offspring … one can only breathe heavily at the irony. In more ways than one, the situation of Kanimozhi is the same as that of Jayalalithaa. Both women have been let down by one too many men, backstabbed by those in whom they placed their complete faith and finally are being controlled by a dubious personality … who answers to the name of Muthuvelar Karunanidhi!


  1. So how does Karunanidhi benefit from it all?


The past history says it all.


  1. In 1984, when the then Chief Minister Marudur Gopalamenon Ramachandran had suffered a paralytic stroke, Karunanidhi had made a diabolic move.


  1. Karunanidhi purchased the loyalty of most of MGR’s men in the cabinet by promising juicy returns. Such beneficiaries included ministers like C. Ponnaiyan [now out of political reckoning], KA Krishnaswamy [since deceased] and Muthuswamy [who joined the DMK to be made the member of the party’s high power executive committee in 2010].


  1. The juicy returns began with the so-called ‘telex’ orders from the United States of America where MGR was undergoing treatment.


  1. The telex orders benefited all the cabinet ministers who went on signing files in the name of telex orders from US of A.


  1. MGR’s cabinet mainstays like Nedunchezhiyan and Veerappan were roped into the act along with police officials like BP Rangaswamy, IK Govind and Dorai to name just three and the then Chief Secretary Chokkalingam.


  1. The plan was to create a car with a glass dome to make MGR a figurehead and parade him before the public and run the government by proxy through his cabinet being controlled from Gopalapuram.


To effect this MGR’s closest confidante – top cop K Mohandas was side-lined into an innocuous position.


Sadly for Karunanidhi, the plan backfired as MGR learnt of the perfidy, got Mohandas back as the first thing since he returned from the US of A in early 1985.


Unfortunately, Jayalalithaa lacks such an advisor today – be it in politics or be it in officialdom.


Her detractors keep blaming journalist Cho Ramaswamy and Gujarat CM Narendra Modi who never had been her confidantes or serious advisors ever.


The indecisive Ramanujam as the Director General of Police holding the post of intelligence and an ineffective George as Commissioner whose standing with the press as well as those of his men is poor, Jayalalithaa is in an ivory prison of security, operated by none other than Karunanidhi and his moll Sasikala who controls every official through the machinations of her husband Natarajan with some planning inputs by officers like Rajendran.


Karunanidhi is profiting from being in office without being in office.


He also hopes to help some outsider to hammer out a rainbow alliance to defeat Jaya in the future hoping that the political instability at the centre will help him forge other alliances with machinations of Karti, washed actors Vijaykant, Sarat Kumar and Kartik, roping in flotsam and jetsam like Thirumavalavan and/or Dr Krishnaswamy.


In everything else fails, Karunanidhi hopes to bank on revived secessionist and anti-national activity for which the DMK government was dismissed once in Tamil Nadu [in 1976, the dismissal was effected by Indira Gandhi on the basis of corruption and after which in 1980, the same DMK aligned with the dismissing authority - Indira Gandhi under the slogan welcome back Nehru's daughter to give us a steady regime] and whose manifestations had brought down the United Front ministry at the centre down because his nephew and conscience keeper Murasoli Maran refused to step down from the Union Cabinet.


To achieve this, Karunanidhi is breathing life into the near defunct bawling bawdy politic called Tamil Eelam Supporters’ Organisation under whose auspices, Stalin delivered a sheaf of papers containing letters from Tamil Nadu to someone slightly more important than the concierge at the United Nations some months ago – a deed that was celebrated as a great victory in Tamil Nadu.


According to DMK insiders, to escape from the 2G denouement, Karunanidhi has planned to get all the blame shifted to his long stand suffering wife Dayalu Ammaal and then get a medical certificate to get her declared mentally unstable.


The only state to declare secessionist tendencies in India since independence is Tamil Nadu and the party that proclaimed it – the DMK!


In a nutshell, one has the queer situation.


India is being controlled at the centre by its eternal enemy Pakistan and its southern shores are ensnared by a secessionist party called the DMK that controls its rival political outfit the AIADMK and its head – the bête noire of Karunanidhi – Jayalalithaa Jayaram is controlled by the person she hates most – Karunanidhi!


And the control is being exercised by enemy agents – viz. Sonia Gandhi and Sasikala Natarajan at the centre and in Tamil Nadu, respectively!

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tester said...

Thanks for writing this. I truly feel as though I understand so much more about this than I did before. Your blog site actually brought some things to light that I never would have thought of before reviewing it. You must continue this, Im sure most individuals would agree youve got a gift.

Posted on: 9/3/2013

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