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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013 January 1 - Yet Another Day   Posted on Jan 1, 2013    Comments ()

Yet another 365 days

And 6 hours

Have passed to cause

The tear of a

A page from

A discarded calendar


To me

January 1

Is yet another day


The mind wandered

Trawled some thoughts


The world has all kinds

Of people


Egging others to ask whither


Despite knowing

The query would render

One and all

Only to wither


Created through a squirt of love

And a spurt of passion

Sans parental choice

I am an unplanned random creation


I did not ask to be born

Nor will someone seek

My permission to take my life



Has become my middle-name


I would be surprised

Only if

Someone does not break it


Had it not been my separation

And resultant loneliness


Some other woe


May have anchored me

Angered me




Sniggered at me


The angst generated sadness


My vengeful smirks

At the asinine parts of the world

Boosts my ego

An avoidable superiority complex


A much needed disdain

Whose presence

Reassures me

That I am alive


My rare lopsided grins

Causing the odd crease

Along lips’ edges

Meant to be smiles


And always

Generate tears

Informing me 

That I am

The oddest of oxymorons


The world existed before me

And will after me

I am not even a tiny spec of visible dust

In the unversal chronicle



So besotted with life

Whose fullness keeps reminding


Of my impending end


I live

With selfish expectation

Hoping it would generate

One day

Selfless hope

To morph this silly

Morally proper

Mortal imprisoning a soul

Yearning for freedom

Into an aspect of eternal immortality


Struggling for peace

My life

Is the quintessential piece of existentialism

In itself

It is the apposition

Of its serenity

And the opposition

Of its severity

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fiona hammond said...

Ritch in its meaning and beauty in its words.

Posted on: 1/1/2013

TSV Hari said...

Thanks a trillion, sis! May God Bless You!

Posted on: 1/1/2013

G.N.RAO said...

truthfull and nice words

Posted on: 1/1/2013

s.gopalaswamy said...

you have expressed thehidden thoughts of many in a smple way with deep meaning .thans sgs

Posted on: 1/1/2013

TSV Hari said...

SGS and GN Rao! Forgive my delayed acknowledgement for your endorsement. A happy new year to you. God bless your entire family.

Posted on: 1/11/2013

www.zixiutang-capsule.com said...

Short story writer - TSV Hari

Posted on: 1/17/2014

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