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Friday, November 09, 2012

Verses Of A Verbsmith - Sing Again O Restless Heart!   Posted on Nov 9, 2012    Comments ()

A channel showed a Tamil film starring Shivaji Ganeshan whose title translates into English as The Horizon Shall Redden.


In one of its dramatic moments, knowing his male offspring’s perfidy, the character played by Tamil’s arguably best thespian yells – Srivatsa … my only son … is a bastard!


There cannot be a bigger ironical oxymoron statement.


Yet the situation in the movie for that line was very, very apt.


Stung by the cruelty of life, the backstabbing by those born after me to my parents and my own offspring, I wanted to write something very nasty.


Habit triggered my changing the channel and I heard the immortal Rafi crooning … Huyee Shaam… and the mood changed.


The songs of the film were very lilting and they made me see it cutting school some 5 times. Its English version:


It is evening

Her memories have returned

Along with them


The nightmares

Of the old life


Till the other day

The lips had an affair

With a smile

That was

The simile of joy


And then suddenly

Something happened

Everything got forgotten!

And the face

Acquired the tinge of sadness

Upon remembering her


 I am the proud one

Claiming to have

Banished separation’s sorrow

Yet grief returns

With its tantalisingly slow

Attractively mournful gait

Along with her recollections



That was one of my favourite Hindi lyricists Majrooh Sultanpuri [Sultanpur’s Wounded Soul] from the 1968 classic Mere Hamdam Mere Dost [My inseparable friendly breath of life].


As can be discerned, Majrooh sahib was at his best in this one.


The film starred Dharmendra, Sharmila Tagore, Mumtaz, Om Prakash and Rehman.


Its storyline was somewhat meanderingly silly.


A rich woman played by La’ Tagore is mistaken for a poor woman – leading to her being separated from her lover – who else but Dharmendra.


Their patch up develops a glitch when the ‘hero’ is told that the woman in question could be the illegitimate daughter of his father!


Finally by the time when everything is about end well, the heroine discovers she has an illegitimate sister [Mumtaz] who saves the life of her brother-in-law-to-be by doing a cabaret number before the climax.


And then there was poet Asad Bhopali who wrote some of the zaniest poetry for Hindi movies.


Here is one from the 1963 costume drama Parasmani – the jewel from the philosopher’s stone.


All her memories

Are rather heavy


In this sad life’s

Dark moments


Purposes of lovable candles

To be

Lit and deflagrated


Whenever her footsteps

Awake me

Paths smile

And the heart goes aflutter

Just for her sake

Alas I have

Witness mirages' galore

Featuring scenes

Of her walking towards me


The ventricles afire

The tears in full flow

Trigger worldy sneers

Despite that

Joy punctuates the grief

When she bedecks my dreams


Her separation marked

The loss

Of my yen for life

The candle is alight

Sans brightness


I tried my best

To banish loneliness

Composing countless verses

Strumming instrumental beats’ galore


The sadness refuses

To part company


To those immortal lines, I add my own – originally written in Hindi while in college.


I sing alone

To forget my sadness

In the hills and dales of life

That form painful memories

Worth losing manifold


You aren’t to blame at all

All the gaffes are mine

Perhaps joy surrrounds you

And surely

Sadness is engulfing me


Had I stayed yours


Some other mishap may have occurred

To avert that disaster


You kindly did the decent thing


Stabbed me on my back


Your promises were lies

Intentions untruthful

So faith was out of the question

You are a habitual heart-breaker

So you can’t be termed

Unfaithful either


Friends turned foes

Pals paled into treachery

Only intoxication is

A faithful shadow

I can only hope

Trembling fearlessly

                           But with excitement

   I hope

                                     That spirits will 

Eventually drown me

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