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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Friend ...   Posted on Sep 25, 2012    Comments ()

Hold my hand

My friend

As I am your friend

I need you

And you need me



Call me whenever you need me

My friend

I shall surely come


One day I may need you

To reciprocate in kind


Accept my affection

My friend

For it comes without any strings attached

Except one

The string of selfless love


One day I am sure

Our friends’ circle will grow

Large enough to encompass

The entire world


Keep looking back

And do keep sending me

Messages of wellness

My friend



One day

Like others

I may have died alone


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K.V. Gopalakrishna said...

Wonderful, indeed, my dear friend!What you said of u can bw for each of us! I always quote your name as an epitome of grit, courage of conviction and determination to do something whatevr we can to change this vicious socity. Keep it up

Posted on: 9/25/2012

TSV Hari said...

Thanks, FRIEND!!!!!

Posted on: 9/25/2012

Navin Chandra Tewari said...

Indeed You are my best friend.I accept your affection.your selfless affection.You are multiple genius.You are an embodiment of courage and determination.You are twinkle twinkle big star .everybody knows who you are .

Posted on: 9/26/2012

TSV Hari said...

Thank you Navin, my FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on: 9/26/2012

Radha said...

I dont have a way with words...Hari...to put it more beautifully and I know it sounds like a pretty cheesy line but you do know me better than that...I hope...hehe..." A friend in need is a friend indeed " I really feel blessed to know you & have you as my friend. Thank you.(I just dint like that last para....please delete it. Could you?)

Posted on: 9/26/2012

TSV Hari said...

So kind of you to say so, Radha! I felt like writing this for those I had lost. After a long time, you found reason to find me. If I ever find enough reason to delete the last stanza... I may do so.

Posted on: 9/26/2012

P M Ravindran said...

Wah, Hari wah!

Posted on: 9/27/2012

chennaivenugopal@gmail.com said...

Dear Sir, We are all there for each other. But I hate to hear the last word from you. We all have to go one day. But we will not leave you in the lurch and alone. We need you badly as you would like to remember us forever. Keep up your spirit considering your grit, courage, talent and determination to excel right from your Amrita Bazaar Patrika. Keep up the good work. Thanks and regards Venu

Posted on: 9/28/2012

vivek said...

Hi I have read your post it is good to see lot of thing one place poem and other i read one poem Hold my hand My friend As I am your friend I need you And you need me Indeed it is very good can you just sugest me something i also want to make same type of site let me reply asap

Posted on: 5/31/2013

www.zixiutang-capsule.com said...

Short story writer - TSV Hari

Posted on: 1/17/2014

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