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Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Bharat - My Mother India - 5 - Down With The Sinful Attempts To Divide India!   Posted on Aug 26, 2012    Comments ()

There is a despicable move to divide our motherland India – or more correctly – Bharat.


Acts against Assamese, Biharis and Tamils in various parts of India are manifestations of a sinister mind’s conspiratorial moves.


I strongly believe that Pakistan is behind these to get even for our having won against that hate-nation 4 times in 4 wars since 1947.


And those plans of that neighbouring nation, in my opinion, are being carried out by none other than Sonia Gandhi, whom I have been pointing to be an agent of the Inter-Services-Intelligence since 2010.


My life underwent changes … I am being hounded by Pakistani agents and the hirelings of their agents like Sonia Gandhi.


Right-wing political outfits like the Bharatiya Janata Party have no love for me either … because … I am truly secular in what I do.


Sometime ago, I had begun translating and writing poems hailing patriotism towards our great nation.


I am reviving that exercise today … quoting a song from the 1969 Hindi film Tumse Achchaa Kaun Hai? [Who is better than you?]


Sung by the immortal Rafi Saab, the song was penned by Rajendra Kishen and tuned by Shanker Jaikishen, rendered into English by poor old me:


Neither am I from Sindh

Nor is my nativity stuck in Maharashtra

None can say I belong to Gujarat either


I express myself in multiple tongues

And am not sure of my belonging to any caste


My mom’s name is Ganga

And the dad is called Himalaya

Now you take a call

To identify my natal origins


Akin to the 4 seasons




And the lovely rain

My mom has different moods


In the morning she wakes me up a song

And her soft strums lull me to rest at night


Being a bird daily traversing vast distances

My chirps resound north, east, south and west

My chosen action area

Has another proud name



I am in love with the cultural progress of Bengal

I tread a few Bhangra measures in Punjab as well

From the south I learnt classical music too


Call me a Tamil



An old Maratha

A new Haryanvi


Call me whatever you wish

But remember

First I am an Indian


Whose origins are akin to Ganges’ fabled purity

And whose ideals are lofty like the Himalayas


Yes, I am a proud Hindustani


To those inspiring roars …

I add my own little whimper


Attempting to imprison

My expressions to a single Indian language

Is futile

I speak

And peak in many

Not just in India

But abroad as well


In France’s capital Paris

I asked for directions in my mother tongue Tamil

A Frenchman hailed the love for my land

Pointed me towards my destination

Using English as a medium

Pointing out he hated the British


I do not hate Englishmen

But hate colonialism

My faith allows me to pray everywhere


I believe God is everywhere



Being an ordinary mortal

Positives and negatives

Are as resident in me

And trigger my ordinary responses

As in everyone else


I am as bright

Or Dim

As everyone in my motherland

Whose Constitution terms it

India that is Bharat

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SGS said...

I am very proud that I am born as indian hindu, brahmin sgs

Posted on: 8/28/2012

TSV Hari said...

Well said.

Posted on: 8/28/2012

Home said...

Short story writer - TSV Hari

Posted on: 1/17/2014

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