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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Sing Again O Restless Heart   Posted on Jun 2, 2016    Comments ()

How does one pen one’s own elegy?

Well, I just tried.

It felt flat, actually.

Greater beings have come and gone.

More forgotten than remembered, I would add. I was born alone, would prefer to die alone.

Who cares whether someone mourns or moans?



The tentacles of death

Soothingly touch the soul

I look behind in stealth

Feeling like a ghoul

Remnants of my corpse

Rots near the road

No thoughts of remorse

No pain when gored

Life was perhaps silly

Once fragrant like a lily

Extinction is smelly

Rejected by tongue and belly

I didn’t achieve anything

Yet have lost something

Subsistence was nothing

Only pestilential mouthing

It was a meaningless joke

Years of bearing a yoke

None shedding any tears

Neither dears nor nears

An account is perhaps settled

Sans payment of any sort

Counting days belittled

Hearing the snobbery snort

Derision left behind

Corrosions are forgotten

Relations did not mind

Passing of a man forbidden

Goodbyes weren’t heard

Pyres never were lit

Thought has become a bird

After the joints have split

Came and left amidst din

Now the silence deafens

Mourning moans of kin

Rejected and hell beckons


TSV Hari

June 2 2016

2344 hours


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