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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tamil Nadu - An Unpoliced Police State - With Neither Law Nor Order   Posted on May 14, 2014    Comments ()

Tamil Nadu’s police force is in the news for the wrong reasons again.
A lady Additional Director General of Police [ADGP] Archana Ramasundaram – appointed as the virtual number two in Central [read Congress] Bureau of Investigation has been deterred by the Apex Court from discharging her duties following her suspension by the state of Tamil Nadu.
The home portfolio is held by Chief Minister Jayalalithaa Jayaram.
Sources close to Archana claim that her request for being relieved from state duties in order to join the central service was being procrastinated needlessly.
Those in defence of the ruling All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam aver that the lady cop is one of the trusted advisors of former CM Karunanidhi at whose behest some of the cases against the ex-actress CM are being reopened as soon as they are closed in some court.
Jayalalithaa will not react to these reports … at least for the time being … as she is beyond reach of the common men and women who serve the people as journalists.
Police officials who are in the know would prefer to remain in the shadows and reveal very little – as they are ‘scared’ of the short-tempered woman.
“As usual, Jaya is being at her vindictive best. None of those who cross her path are allowed to go away peacefully. The case of a Dalit officer Thukkaiyandi – who was suspended on the last day of his job on completely trumped up charges is a moot point to be remembered. The current Director General of Police K Ramanujam – is on a 3-year extension despite a total lacklustre show as the head of the force. Naturally, Ramanujam is being rewarded or kept in harness to keep the lid on the botched case regarding the Kanchi Acharyas firmly shut. Not many would remember that Ramanujam was the man who was heading intelligence during the arrest of Jayendra Saraswati. Ramanujam held pivotal positions when approver Ravi Subramanian went back on his ‘approver’ statement in court – in favour of Jayendra. It was upon Ramanujam’s advice that the Ravi Subramanian turned approver while still in custody. And when the political equation changed and Karunanidhi became CM, the game changed – and the vital witnesses including the wife and children of the deceased Shankararaman turned hostile. And Jayendra was ‘honourably’ acquitted when Ramanujam is DGP. Would all these incidents be termed innocent coincidences?”
That is the statement of a completely miffed police officer – who shall – for the time being remain unnamed.
Most cities in India are now ‘un-policed’.
The latest addition to this dubious list is Chennai – the fourth largest metropolis of India that is Bharat.
There are a few honest police officers in harness who cannot get anywhere near any post of real authority.
“We draw pensions during service and not salaries – because to do so, you also have to not only accept bribes but also allow others to do so,” is the refrain of a chosen few still in uniform.
Then there is a man called Jugal Kishore Tripathy – currently commissioner of police, Chennai.
There is a polite snide remark that explains the style of functioning of this man.
His nickname is Saripathy – or 50%.
“Saripathy only believes in what is advantageous to him. Else, he will curtly tell you that I am busy. But then, what else do you expect when the new building of the offices of the Chennai City Police Commissioner that is located bang opposite the atheist headquarters of Tamil Nadu – the home of Dravidar Kazhagam that spawned the two Dravidian curses of Tamil Nadu – the DMK and its offshoot – the AIADMK – whose leaders viz. K Veeramani, Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa – who swear by the DK founder Periyar – and who – like him – believe none other than themselves?”
I had exposed Tripathy in 2012.
But for minor figurative changes, the assessment remains unchanged.
The link:
My doubts about Chennai police commissioner Jugal Kishore Tripathy being nicknamed Saripathy [50%] have been somewhat strengthened
Here is why:
A young, courageous photographer from the New Indian Express had been assaulted by some boys at the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai a few days back at the behest of one ‘Hitler’ professor Mayya, who had been angry against the victim and another journalist Sagar of the same paper for quite some time.
It seems Mayya had unjustly ordered the closure of a canteen within the organisation’s precincts which had been exposed by the newspaper.
Like all the villains of recent vintage like Kalmadi, Raja et al, Mayya did not like the media exposure. He had waited for an opportunity and delivered what had seemed like the sucker punches.
Journalists had waited for several hours to get a FIR registered in a local police station in the southern suburbs of Chennai – the city where Press Freedom is a cruel joke.
The police had treated the complaint with disdain and contempt.
Rather shamelessly, IIT filed a false complaint against the young photographer – a handsome child, I must admit – that he had harassed female students of the IIT merely to guard the stinking backside of the offensive professor, who, in my opinion, with this kind of attitude is not fit to be found dead inside a 10 km diameter of an institution like the IIT which once had been headed by the epitome of discipline and propriety like Dr PV Indiresan.
In my opinion, Mayya is a blot on the IIT. Only because of persons like Mayya students in the IIT are committing suicide in large numbers.
But the worst blot on Chennai is Saripathy.
According to my information, someone from IIT contacted Saripathy and told him that the illegal earnings of Chennai cops have been recorded by some young student geeks in the institution.
“If you try arresting Mayya or force us to withdraw the false complaint against the journalists, we will not be able to stop anyone from anonymously planting the dirt with the evidence against Tamil Nadu police in the public domain. Can you risk being shunted like your Orissa compatriot from Mumbai even under the guise of promotion?”
The above was one of the questions asked rather bluntly to Saripathy, or so I am told.
So, Saripathy did the decent thing and began helping network all VVIPs to speak to the management of the newspaper to threaten the journalists concerned into submission.
Bravely, my friend Babu, the deputy editor and the others stood for the boys.
Thanks to some networking by the Press Club boss Bharati Tamizhan, journalists had gathered in a large number at the Police Commissioner’s office in Egmore where I noticed quite a few structures of probable heritage value have been pulled down to make way for an ugly concrete eyesore under construction.
Journalists’ demands were very, very simple.
Immediate withdrawal of the false complaint which could result in the journalists’ being arrested and jailed. [Would Saripathy not have loved to do it?]
Arrest of Mayya for having ordered the assault on the journalist that left him bleeding profusely.
A total, unconditional apology from IIT.
Some 70 journalists waited for nearly 3 hours and without ado.
Post lunch hour, someone with flunkey status from the IIT read out a bland apology letter which meant a fat lot of nothing.
Saripathy did not even meet the journalists.
Additional Commissioner Thamaraikkannan swaggered in muttered some inanities.
The following may be noted:
The IIT did not tender an ‘unconditional apology’ for filing a false case against a journalist.
The IIT did not completely regret the actions of Mayya.
Professor Mayya was not arrested.
I bluntly asked Thamaraikkannan “Do you think that this pathetic response from you and the IIT is what we responsible journalists waited for over 3 hours?”
Thamaraikkannan did not even look in my direction and contemptuously walked away.
The entire multitude of journalists gathered did not ask any supplementary question.
Someone shouted from behind in some apparent praise for my act, “at last there is one male with some spunk amongst us.”
Someone else remarked loud enough for me to hear, “Who allowed this maverick busybody in this meeting attended by responsible journalists? By his irresponsible and irreverent question, he has endangered our professional ability and snagged our future with police officers!”
The ‘future’ as in the past means lucrative transfers with more lucrative bribes on all sides.
Some persons who masqueraded as journalists in the past and were drivers of newspaper owners, used to do such things for themselves and their bosses.
Perhaps, the snide remark came from such a person.
Challenging the mighty is my favourite task.
I had snapped my fingers at Chief Minister MGR and addressed him with the prefix mister in a rather stentorian tone during a press conference when he tried to cow me down.
MGR did not like it.
I did not care.
That day someone from the newspaper Dinakaran said, “at last, at least one of us deserves to twirl his moustache with pride.”
A few years later, in an interview for Thuglak magazine, I had placed Chokkalingam, the then Chief Secretary on the mat.
The interview actually exposed the huge liquor mafia’s methods of making illegal money in Tamil Nadu.
The chap had made a cruel joke of himself in that taped interview whose excerpts in Thuglak magazine had shown the regime in very bad light.
Being an honourable man and a very responsible journalist, despite his family having been connected to Vorion Distilleries and that company having close links to the then liquor baron Ramaswamy Udayar, Mr Cho, the magazine’s editor had published the interview.
And Mr Cho has never broached the subject to me ever despite such articles having embarrassed him at home and to his friends.
Chokkalingam had wanted to get even with me.
I had openly ticked off Chokkalingam in an open press conference in the secretariat later.
I must admit, my method of questioning had been blunt.
My memory of the event in 1984 when MGR was abroad and getting treated for his paralytic stroke:
TSV Hari
The power brokers at the secretariat are manufacturing so-called telex orders to line the pockets of cabinet ministers here. I understand you created one to favour your son-in-law Devadas, son of Salem based Congress leader Ramaswamy Udayar with an industrial unit worth several crores with the signature of Finance Minister VR Nedunchezhiyan under the legend – for Chief Minister by utilising a false telex order from MGR. To my knowledge, MGR had turned down the whole thing not once but thrice. Did you falsify that correspondence Mr Chokkalingam?
I will not allow this question! This press conference is only meant for explaining developmental activities of the government!
TSV Hari
Mr Chokkalingam, a press conference does not mean you will hear your own voice. Journalists will ask questions.
That is impertinence!
TSV Hari
Yeah? So what would you call your forgery of a telex order that never was, Mr Chokkalingam? By your rather pathetic response, I already have my answer to my question. Your act has completely exposed your perfidy!
Someone in the secretariat press room remarked:
This fellow comes and spoils our weekly tea and tiffin courtesy the CS acting for some shady political group which is nursing some imaginary grouse using a completely fictitious charge against a totally honourable chief secretary.
“Small correction, my friend… you should say honourable cheap secretary,” I had snapped then.
My exposure of Chokkalingam in the presser had uncovered the perfidy of Karunanidhi and others to use the elected AIADMK government surreptitiously through Veerappan, Chokkalingam, Nedunchezhiyan and others by making MGR a dummy because of his illness – something the wily, legendary police boss of Tamil Nadu Mohandas had uncovered.
In 1985, the jokers in uniform who had collaborated with Karunanidhi were almost pissing ice and shitting bricks when MGR got down from the aircraft ladder unaided, accepted the greetings of then DIG Mr AX Alexander present at the airport, another upright officer and a personal friend to this day.
Eyewitnesses told me that an officer with the rank of IG even saluted Mr Alexander.
Mr Alexander laughed the whole thing away.
“You know how it is, Hari. We lived for the job and never for its trappings. Such things do happen in one’s line of work.”
And it was Mr Alexander who initially explained to the CM after the oath taking why and how Mr Mohandas had been shunted out of the post of Head of Intelligence.
MGR’s first order was to reinstate Mr Mohandas.
When MGR had learnt my rather small role in the whole drama from Mr Mohandas, the CM invited me home to Ramavaram Gardens, gave me a breakfast and a coffee I will never forget for their supreme good taste.
While turning down 2 huge suitcases from MGR then, I remember telling him, “Sir! When compared to what you have achieved, I am not even a speck of dust. And I would rather prefer the treasured memory of this day than the monetary treasure you are offering because doing so would negate whatever I have stood for till now.”
The thespian embraced me tightly and tousled my hair.
It was then I realised how much physical power MGR had despite his paralytic stroke.
I continued to slam MGR’s policies after that as a journalist … till he passed away.
But, I tell everyone … as a human being, MGR is a thousand times better than his bête noire Karunanidhi.
Now to Saripathy again:
I have strong reasons to believe the somewhat unconfirmed rumour from IIT about the COP being Mr 50% because of the following:
It is common knowledge that around 70% of three wheeler public transport vehicles in Chennai are owned by corrupt cops. Not only are the cops a law unto themselves, their drivers often mouth expletives to those who ask questions against the loot.
Incidentally, in Chennai the autorickshaws’ meters never work. Most of them never worked in the past 7 years … and some 9 years ago, the fare was Rs.14 for the first 2 km.
Now, the unofficial minimum fare has become Rs.30!
This is despite the fact in Mumbai, the minimum fare is Rs.13 and all meters work there. If the price hasn’t changed after a ride and remains Rs.13, the driver returns Rs.2 to the passenger. The price became Rs.13 only a few months back. If one points out this fact to the Chennai auto-driver, the answer one gets: “Then go and ride an auto in Mumbai you s-o-b!”
Try complaining to a policeman and this is the answer one often gets: “These are poor fellows sir … petrol and essential commodities’ prices have risen. Politicians use policemen like their personal rowdy gangs on the one hand and neither allow us to do our duty properly nor are giving us a proper pay. After having given in writing that we shall always obey orders implicitly and agreed that we shall keep our superior officers informed of our whereabouts 24/7, 365 days a year, we are nothing but bonded labourers. Arguably, we need to inform that we are with our womenfolk at night and even need to indicate the location of our honeymoon, going strictly by law. For the sake of argument – supposing someone falls foul of his family and is questioned about the parentage of one’s offspring in a court of law pointing to absence of evidence of birth, would someone’s child be declared a bastard because the father concerned had not informed his superior officer of his honeymoon location where the conception took place?”
Another fact is that some 30% of 3-wheelers do not have city plying permits but since the owners are cops themselves, everyone looks the other way.
The share-autos sometimes pack 11 persons in their wide, squat bull-dog-shaped three wheelers whose drivers begin charging ‘night-fare’ from 8 pm! The funny thing is that those are also mainly said to be owned by policemen and are operated by those belonging to Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi [VCK] rowdies. The funnier thing is that the share-3-wheelers claim to operate as normal, smaller 3-wheelers under the normal 3 wheelers’ licences! The funniest side is that the four wheeler share-vehicles are operating as tourist taxis … and some 1 lakh vehicles are plying in Chennai … and most of them are owned benami by cops. Since cops rarely take actions against errant 3-wheeler drivers … one would rather believe the rumour that IIT boys and girls have the dirt on Saripathy on this count!
Another little wonder is a company called Fast Track. It charges Rs.13 per km but also takes Rs.100 for the first 4 km. And that makes it Rs.25 per km for the first 4 km. The open fleecing by Fast Track which has monopolies in the airport, train and bus terminals is being allowed by the cops and none questions them. The IIT rumour is that Saripathy gets a huge cut from Fast Track for these illegal operations!
This is despite the fact that in Mumbai, air-conditioned ‘cool cabs’ charge only Rs.12 per km and the minimum for 2 km is Rs.20! For a non-AC vehicle the price is Rs.17 and the cabbies actually pay back Rs.3 in change unerringly! The cabs and autos ply by meter and the cops in Mumbai seize all the vehicles that violate rules. And all this is when cost of living, essential commodities, rent, petrol and LPG prices and virtually everything else is dearer in Mumbai. Yet, the 3-wheeler drivers earn 3 times more than Chennai after 11 hour shifts simply because customers use them on the basis of the metered fare. One can rarely find an empty, idle 3-wheeler in Mumbai. Obviously, till the other day, the former Mumbai COP hails from Orissa too.
There are some 2 lakh public hire vehicles plying in Chennai.
Per vehicle, the take is said to be Rs.100. And that alone makes the take Rs.2 crores!
Fast Track owner Ambikapathy is said to have collected Rs.35,000 from some 45,000 vehicles that are ‘attached’ to his company and never issued a receipt to anyone. That has ensured he has had a take of over Rs.150 crores on which he is yet to pay a single paise as tax – despite his owning a palatial set of residences in the heart of the city. The sum is meant to be a returnable deposit but I am yet to hear of one person having received the money back. Two persons who tried were found dead!
Worse, each vehicle pays Fast Track Rs.5000 per month. For 45,000 vehicles the earning comes to Rs. 22.5 crores – also tax free every month!
If one takes the 1% of the daily turnover of 45,000 vehicles of Fast Track alone – each vehicle supposed to be getting Rs.1500 in daily collections, the take works out to Rs.1.8 crores a month!  
Is the Red Sun paying any protection money to anyone? If not, has someone closely looked at how Fast Track is on track? If yes, is Red Sun paying any money to the COP?
One can hazard a guess that Saripathy knows what goes on in Mumbai – at least on the public transport angle. So, if he is not taking action against anyone, would it be safer to assume, like the IIT guys and gals have been saying, Saripathy is getting 50% on this illegal operation and the take is in crores of rupees a day!
There is a method to my madness in these things. And it even has a bit of thankfulness. Late last year, my investment in a television channel had been stuck. I had complained many times to the juniors of Saripathy. And one of them – a rather obnoxiously behaving Abhay Kumar Singh always kept saying, “You are bringing a civil matter to the police. We are not in the kata-panchayat business.”
And Singh has said the same thing in what can be the 3G scandal too.
I was almost penniless after having been cheated by my relatives last year.
A kind officer told me thus:
Since you are known for your cantankerous behaviour, ask Tripathy since he is nicknamed Saripathy … if he expects something out of the deal … he could name his price … and expect to be honestly paid.
I said that to Tripathy’s face.
The money invested by me had been Rs.25 lakhs.
And the cheque I got back in return from the company was Rs.12.5 lakhs … or exactly 50%.
I told Tripathy rather jokingly later after sincerely thanking him for getting the money out of Alliance Infrastructure Projects P Ltd – “You indeed are the one who learnt the 3 Vedas as your name suggests and the money I got back – 50% of my investment. I really hope Alliance did its bit for the police to partly justify your nickname."
Tripathy hates my guts since then.
I knew the whole thing would be wishy-washy by the cops and the IIT even as I waited for the decisions to be announced.
I said as much to the colleagues who had collected there.
It exactly happened the way I had predicted.
If the Chennai Press Corps want justice to be done … they have a simple way to achieve it.
Treat the police press conference the same way as parliamentarians do in New Delhi. Keep asking him the following:
Why did you not take action against the IIT Professor Mayya who ordered inflicting of bleeding injuries to a photographer who was only doing his job?
Would you do this to someone if that someone had hit a police officer?
Is someone from IIT blackmailing you?
If not, and if you have nothing to hide, what is stopping your taking action? If someone as high as an IMF President could lose his job over something as silly as molesting a woman of doubtful virtue in a hotel in New York, what is so sacrosanct about a Hitler professor anyway?
Of course … we journalists need not copy the parliamentarians in their present avatar completely.
We can copy a bit from those of the same ilk in the past.
Mrs Indira Gandhi used to taunt every opposition man of being in the pay of the CIA.
So, the humorous Piloo Mody used to sport a huge badge in parliament that said, “I am a CIA agent!”
Those who wanted to protest against Murdock, in London – who lost their jobs, sported ‘T’ shirts that had the legend: “I have been Murdocked”.
We journalists attending police press conferences can sport ‘T’ shirts that say: “Shame on you, the anti-press Saripathy!”
Those camera operators who will be allowed to do so by their managements can take shots of the T shirts for the sake of ‘reaction’ and air it.
The whole world will know the power of the pen … regardless of the swords of persons like Saripathy.
With CM Jayalalithaa, anything can happen.
Here is a link of another blog that exposes that she has been kept wound on the little finger of Karunanidhi – something I wrote long ago October 2013, to be precise.
Like all windmills, the huge blades of the power-generating ‘Goddess’ and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa Jayaram are turning lazily and the unseen toothed wheels are grinding slowly.
The question to be asked is, are they grinding against her?
Here are some pointers:
Her television channel – Jaya TV is almost stuck up shit-creek and without a paddle.
a.              Its virtual boss – Rabi Bernard – regularly is in touch with someone senior in Kalaignar TV – a channel owned by DMK boss Karunanidhi.
The query: Is Karunanidhi remote-controlling – the only direct link between Jaya and the people of Tamil Nadu who belong to the AIADMK?
b.             The district headquarter correspondents of Jaya TV meant to maintain their own staff and send inputs are said to be paid Rs.5K a month these days, almost a 90% pay cut.
Query: Has this led to their seeking sustenance from sources that are inimical to the regime?
Some of those who hold shares in the company and/or are supposed to be controlling Jaya TV have somewhat dubious distinctions:
i.                             One Vaikundarajan, a shareholder [rumoured to be a director as well] in Jaya TV is an alleged kingpin of the Thorium rich Monazite sand mafia. He was raided the police and then, his reported machinations led to several transfers of IAS and IPS officers. Now, he is seeking other help to sort the matters out with – hold your breath – Dr. Subramanian Swamy – who also is carrying on a campaign against him.
Vaikundarajan is said to be in touch with Karunanidhi as well, to nullify the action against him.
This is being done by Vaikundarajan using the community to which he belongs – that of the Nadars.
Sasikala belongs to the Thevar community. Though the Thevars and Nadars are known to be at loggerheads with each other, the Vaikundarajan-Sasikala co-operation is fuelled and lubricated by a person who belongs to another community - which has a somewhat similar social status as Nadars and Thevars - a police officer T Rajendran.
He is Sasikala’s main ‘advisor’ T Rajendran, Additional Director General of Police, now under a Central Bureau of Investigation cloud over the hush of a high-profile triple murder  (but who remote controls the ineffective Director General of Police K Ramanujam) claims to have close links to the same community through some questionable liaison relationships.
Rajendran is said to be the interlocutor between Vaikundarajan on the one side and Karunanidhi on the other.
Rajendran is indeed a powerful man. When the last assembly elections were on, he was transferred saying he was partial to the DMK. Then the guy was shunted out into nowheredom. Then, posted as ADGP prisons upon Jaya's return, he wangled the post of ADGP Intelligence within 48 hours! And when he wielded that post, Rajendran was more powerful than Ramanujam!
Messages are being sent at a feverish pace to Dr. Swamy through 2 former DGPs who are said to be attempting to gain a ‘darshan’ of Jaya through other media sources.
ii.                         Close relatives of Sasikala Natarajan, Jayalalithaa’s close confidante – who controls Jaya TV are in limbo as well.
Some of them:
I.                           Divakaran – who was jailed on serious charges.
II.                      TTV Dinakaran – now in limbo after having been to be a bad boy on one too many counts by the Government of India including its dreaded Enforcement Directorate!
III.                Dinakaran’s wife Anuradha and ex-Jaya TV boss – now is in limbo.
IV.                  Sasikala’s relative Bhaskaran who once had headed JJ TV – the earlier avatar of Jaya TV had been jailed too.
V.                        Sasikala’s husband Natarajan too had been jailed on various charges.
Sasikala is said to be signing the cheques of Jaya TV and demands to the see the vouchers in Tamil.
There are other minor players in this game like Sasikala’s nephews – one of whom was and perhaps is Jaya’s personal physician and another who runs a string of scan-centres and a 4-star hospital.
Incidentally, the marriage of Sasikala and Natarajan had been conducted under the ‘supervision’ of none other than Karunanidhi.
So, is Jaya TV being run or being ruined?
Consider this:
During the 100 years of cinema jamboree held in Chennai a few weeks back, 65 persons were awarded to mark the 65th birthday of Jayalalithaa.
Jaya TV had the exclusive telecast rights.
Insiders say there were 15 cameras in operation, but visuals from only two were on air.
Stars like Amitabh Bachchan were seen only when they climbed on the dais.
Audience reaction shots were non-existent.
The telecast supposed to be syndicated – never took off seriously because the visuals were very, very bad.
And who controlled that live coverage?
Well, the person whose name was mentioned as the in-charge was Rabi Bernard, who reportedly keeps talking to his contact in Kalaignar TV.
Did Jaya honour all the richly deserving the ego-bloated Tamil cinema bigwigs?
Some of those who were left out:
1.             Superstar Rajnikant
2.             Kamal Hassan
Can any cinema award south of the Vindhyas be complete if it is meant to be big and for life-time achievements without honouring the aforementioned duo?
Who advised Jayalalithaa in this matter?
Only one name keeps cropping up and that is Sasikala. One can never be sure whether the claim is true or false as it is being said that Jaya does not heed her confidante's advice much these days.
Is there another name?
That is Sasikala’s husband Natarajan who apparently operated and continues to do so through his wife.
Natarajan is telling anyone willing to listen to him that he would soon make serious attempts to ensure Jayalalithaa upstages Narendra Modi in her bid to be Prime Minister through the impossible third or fourth fronts.
Well, everyone knows that may not be feasible at all, despite Jaya having been a serious contender for that post in the past before the big-time emergence of Modi and his getting accepted by the Western nations.
So what would be Natarajan’s motive to keep the chimera of Jaya becoming PM alive?
A DMK insider who loves to quote Sherlock Holmes says, “That is elementary!”
Boss, Karunanidhi is sending serious feelers to the Bharatiya Janata Party [BJP] on a daily basis.
Look at his statement – the DMK will support any viable coalition at the centre because that would be in national interest – and read between the lines!
Karunanidhi is actively campaigning to get his old friend and former Karnataka CM Yeddy back into the National Democratic Alliance [NDA] fold.
Ideologically, Jaya has more in common with the BJP.
The rumour is that Sasikala had been sent out of Jaya household after the CM’s repeated pow-wows with Modi.
Sasikala’s re-entry into the Jaya household put paid to her closeness to Modi and the chances of her playing a national role with the help of the NDA.
Now, the simple thing to do is to keep Jaya’s Prime Ministerial ambitions alive so that the Tamil Nadu space remains vacant for Karunanidhi.
And even if the whole thing works to half a percent of the intended effect, Sasikala would regain her original pride of place and more effectively help Karunanidhi remote-control Jayalalithaa!
Though the above calculation could/needn’t be true, it logically, however, adds up to Karunanidhi’s plausible political strategy.
In a nutshell, Karunanidhi controls Jaya TV through whom one can discern to be his flunkey.
Karunanidhi controls the CM’s household through an agent provocateur – Sasikala whose marriage was conducted by none other than Karunanidhi himself!
Sasikala controls the Tamil Nadu police force through her Man-Friday – T Rajendran.
Among other things, Rajendran had helped in the hush up of the murder of 2G accused Raja’s flunkey Sadiq Batcha – obviously at the behest of Karunanidhi.
Batcha's so-called suicide is a cruel joke. What was a simple open and shut case of murder was hushed up with the help of Rajendran that prevent uncomfortable questions being asked about the 2G Spectrum Scandal involving several trillion rupees.
See blog:
It is not as though this issue has not been written about already.
In the month of May this year, I had pointed out that India is controlled from Pakistan through Sonia Gandhi and Jaya is controlled by Karunanidhi.
The link:
Sadly, the situation has only worsened for India that is Bharat.
Finally, finally, Karunanidhi is manipulating Jaya's regime, despite having lost miserably at the hustings.
Incidentally, the word Jaya means victory. But the person of that name seems to be allowing agent provocateurs within her own household to actively work for her political foes who only want her defeat [or Paraajay in Sanskritised Hindi].
Post Script questions:
1.               Does Sasikala have a major say in the liquor business in Tamil Nadu?
2.             Does a company that makes bottled potable water [now being sold at Rs.10 per litre with Jaya’s picture on its outer label] supply the same stuff for making liquor whose manufacturing company’s ownership is tied to Sasikala?
3. Two persons - one of whom is said to call himself Poet Pugazhendi whose close connections to a former female arranger convict Kannada Prasad are becoming notorious. The duo claim to fix appointments with Jayalalithaa and have been collecting Rs.10 lakhs from each of their reported victims. There is a third operative in this gang – one Bharaneshwaran. Is the CM aware of this?
The yet to be understood Rs.24 lakh crore scandal – in granite exports – has been ordered to be ripped open by the Madras High Court through re-investigation of a triple murder.
Due to the intervention of the Government of Tamil Nadu – and its police department – the case is not even being touched citing a lame appeal in the Supreme Court.
Of course, the CBI isn’t trying one little bit to vacate the stay.
The state of Tamil Nadu, many of its corrupt police officials and former Chief Minister M Karunanidhi are involved in a case of triple murder.
A Division Bench of the Madras High Court has ordered a probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation [CBI] headed by a Joint Director.
Southern Features has been saying for over 3 years that the roles of former Chief Minister M Karunanidhi, ex- police commissioners of Chennai – one T Rajendran and K Radhakrishnan besides former Director General of Police Letika Saran in this triple murder are dubious.
The Times of India dated October 28 2013 has published a front page article on an unsolved triple murder of a former official of the Tamil Nadu Government.
It is nearly five years since the former TAMIN [Tamil Nadu Minerals Ltd] chairman Saravanan, his wife Kasthuri and maid servant Anbarasi were found murdered in their Chennai home.
The Madras high court in its order on October 4 reopened the case and asked the CBI to unearth several loopholes in police claims.
The horror was nearly forgotten after four ‘assailants’ were arrested, tried and found guilty.
On October 4, the division bench of Justice S Rajeswaran and Justice A Arumughaswamy raised several key doubts.
One, how did the assailants enter the house? The lock was intact and no grille had been removed, and the door was found locked from inside? The prosecution never explained this.
Two, the investigating officer did not mention the bank locker keys in his seizure mahazar which should list all articles found at the scene of occurrence?
Three, quite strangely, he lists some gold bangles as having been found at the house, and hands them over to the victim’s relative, without any court permission.
Four, the investigation officer, carries the bank locker keys to the Indian Overseas Bank and opens the vaults with the assistance of the branch manager. Where and how did he find the keys, and why did the bank official permit the violation that too when the matter was never brought to the knowledge of any court for the purpose of getting its permission?
Five, more importantly, the list of articles found in the lockers had not been listed out. Disbelieving the prosecution claim that gold weighing only a couple of sovereigns were found inside the lockers, the bench even commented that Saravanan, an acknowledged gem expert, would not have maintained two lockers by paying several thousands of rupees as rent just to keep just a couple of sovereigns of gold ornaments.
Stopping short of indicting the police and bank officials in-charge of the situation, the division bench said, “For once the investigating officer is also sailing with people concerned to share the properties of the deceased, who had no issues (children). He suppressed the keys of the bank locker seized from the house of the deceased by not preparing any mahazar for seizure of the keys.”
Why the investigating officer did not attempt find out the nominee of Saravanan to open the lockers, and how the bank manager allowed him to open the locker without permission from the court too has to be investigated, the judges said.
Calling it a scandal, the judges said the assistant commissioner of police concerned and the bank manager who helped him to open the lockers standing in the name of Saravanan and his wife, besides other persons involved in the scandal, also have to be examined by the CBI.
The murders of Saravanan, his wife Kasthuri and their maid servant Anbarasi shook the state on November 19, 2008 when it was first reported. Saravanan was considered close to former chief minister M G Ramachandran and had thorough knowledge of gems and stones.
He used to offer consultancy to several foreign companies.
Despite the high profile, the city police could not crack the case.
On February 8, 2010, the first bench of the Madras high court lambasted the city police, gave an ultimatum of a month, and said it would entrust the probe with CB-CID if the case is not cracked by then.
Then four arrests were made, and all of them were found guilty by a fast track court on October 22, 2010.
All the four, sentenced to imprisonment for life, were in jail till October 4 this year when the present division bench of the court threw out the probe as well as trial.
So what had happened in November 2008?
For more – download and read:
One need not be surprised at all.
India is actually ruled by Pakistan and Tamil Nadu’s CM is being manipulated by Karunanidhi.
I wrote that too on May 1 2013!
Its lead paragraph:
India is being administered from Islamabad through what I consider Pakistan’s moll Sonia Gandhi and the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu is being ruled by proxy – by the wily but politically discredited villain - one Karunanidhi through a set of critically positioned agent provocateurs.
Tamil Nadu is the place where the 2G Spectrum allocation scandal originated.
The minister concerned A Raja is in the fray – contesting the parliamentary elections and keeps saying he is will emerge smelling like a rose.
That is because the Tamil Nadu police and the CBI is in cahoots with Raja.
Here is the details’ link:
Tamil Nadu is a place where press freedom is as extinct as the dinosaur.
And more often than not, journalists themselves let down colleagues – owing to fears of personal safety.
I ought to know.
Since 4 years, I have been suffering and not a single human rights organisation has taken up the matter despite my repeated reminders. That is only because, I belong to the majority Hindu community and am a practising Brahmin. In the reckoning of human rights’ defenders, Hindu Brahmin journalists are not human beings at all!
The details can be accessed by reading this blog:
Sooner or later goons in uniform and/or without them will get me killed.
I am willing to die after extreme torture… like now.
And I am not afraid at all.
I shall quote a man called Ram Prasad Bismil whose song was immortalised by Bhagat Singh.
Sarforishee kee tamannaa ab hamaarey dil mein hai
Dekhnaa hai zor kitnaa baazoo e quaatil mein hai
The yen for sacrifice has taken residence in the heart
Let us see how strong the sinews in the enemy’s arms are!

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