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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Square & Straight LXXIII - Racist Donald Sterling: Drop Dead, Man!   Posted on Apr 30, 2014    Comments ()

Someone Must Monetarily Maim This Moron! - Lazy Fly


One of my mentors in journalism is the immortal Behram Contractor a.k.a. Busybee who wrote a short, humorous column every day.


It was called Round and About.


I am no patch on him and cannot match his crisp essays in substance and in humour.


So I call myself Lazy Fly and have named my series of writing endeavours Square And Straight.


One of the dirtiest old morons of American sports – 83-year-old billionaire Donald Sterling – a former divorce lawyer who made huge sums of money by dealing [sharking would be more like it] in real estate who owns 2 US NBA basketball teams has been fined US$ 2.5 million and banned for life.


President Barack Obama, the first African American head of state in the United States characterized the recording of Sterling as incredibly offensive racist statements.


The US site TMZ had put out his racist remarks … made to an ex-African American girlfriend Stiviano.


The woman in question has denied reports that it was she who leaked the recording to the press. Meanwhile, Sterling’s wife has accused her younger, coloured competitor of being a gold digger.


“She managed to get zillions’ of dollars worth of gifts for being my husband’s illegal kept woman. And now she is ruining him and our money, Sterling’s wife Rochelle ‘Shelly’ Stein Sterling – who is his wife since 1955 was quoted as saying.


The American tabloids are full of Sterling’s other ‘sexploits’.


The schmuck Sterling may be forced to sell his team.


On April 29, 2014, NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced that Sterling had been banned from the league for life and fined $2.5 million, the maximum fine allowed by the NBA constitution.


The ban prohibits Sterling from attending any NBA games, entering any Clippers facility, or participating in any business decisions for the Clippers or the NBA.


The punishment was one of the most severe ever imposed on a professional sports owner. 


Moreover, Silver stated that he would move to force Sterling to sell the team, which would require the consent of three-quarters, or 22, of the other 29 league owners.


In my opinion, this Don-duck schmuck’s family name is a compounded slur on the nomenclature of the British currency.


Excerpts from a report by the NPR – the best in internet radio:


The NBA is banning Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, league Commissioner Adam Silver announced, saying that its investigation has verified Sterling made racist comments in an audio recording that was made public Friday.

Saying that the NBA’s investigation included a discussion with Sterling, Silver stated that the views he expressed are deeply offensive and harmful.


Silver said he was outraged by the remarks; he also apologized to former players and anyone else offended by the sentiments in the recording.

Sterling’s punishment also includes a $2.5 million fine, Silver said.


The fine is the maximum amount allowed under the NBA’s charter, as ESPN reports.


Silver said that he is urging the NBA’s board of governors to force a sale of the team, and that his actions announced today have the support of other NBA owners.


Under the ban, Sterling may not attend any NBA games or practices, be present at any Clippers office or facility, or participate in any business or player personnel decisions involving the team, the NBA says.


 VHe will also be barred from attending NBA Board of Governors meetings and participating in any other league activity.


The league has called the remarks disturbing and offensive.


Anger and outrage over the recording have built since it was posted online Friday by TMZ, overwhelming the attention the postseason has received. At least two games were marked by player protests: The Clippers wore their warm-up shirts inside-out on Sunday, an act repeated by the Miami Heat at last night’s game.


Sterling is accused of criticizing Vanessa  Stiviano, his former girlfriend, for associating with black people and saying of NBA legend Magic Johnson, don’t bring him to my games, in a recording that goes on for nearly 10 minutes.


Sterling has been accused of racism. He has refused to rent his premises to African Americans and Latinos, calling them ‘scum of the society’.


Here’s how Michael McCann, director of the Sports and Entertainment Law Institute at the University of New Hampshire breaks down the possible punishments for member station KPCC:


A fine may be seen as the weak penalty, McCann says, because Donald Sterling is worth somewhere in the neighbourhood of $1.9 billion.


A suspension would be a bolder step, McCann says. It’s one that the NBA hasn’t taken but it’s one that I think many people would find to be justified, especially his own players who are clearly upset by the remarks that he allegedly made.


An expulsion would mean that Sterling would likely sue the NBA for breach of contract, his franchise agreement and potentially an antitrust claim, McCann says.


Several Clippers sponsors, including State Farm, Kia Motors, and Mercedes-Benz dealers in California, have pulled back from the team. And Sterling’s fellow owners have also voiced their displeasure.


NBA great Michael Jordan, who owns the Charlotte Bobcats, issued a statement about the case, saying that as a former player, he is completely outraged.


The Dallas Morning News has published the views of Mark Cuban, who owns the team – Dallas Mavericks.


 “What Donald said was wrong,” Cuban said.


He had a few warning notes.


“It was abhorrent. There’s no place for racism in the NBA, any business I’m associated with, and I don’t want to be associated with people who have that position. There’s no excuse for his positions. There’s no excuse for what he said. There’s no excuse for anybody to support racism. There’s no place for it in our league, but there’s a very, very, very slippery slope,” Cuban observed.


“If it’s about racism and we’re ready to kick people out of the league, OK? Then what about homophobia? What about somebody who doesn’t like a particular religion. What about somebody who’s anti-Semitic? What about a xenophobe?

In this country, people are allowed to be morons,” Cuban added.


The link:




Here is the low down on most moronic Midas of American sports:


Donald Sterling owns Los Angeles Clippers a professional basketball franchise team within the NBA.


He is a former attorney.


Sterling acquired the Clippers in 1981 for $12.5 million, and as of 2014, the team is valued at $575 million by Forbes magazine, ranking them 18th out of 30 teams. At 33 seasons of ownership (1981 to present), Sterling has been the longest-tenured owner in the NBA since the death of Los Angeles Lakers majority owner Jerry Buss in 2013.


Sterling was born to immigrant parents Susan and Mickey in 1934, and christened Donald Tokowitz in a church in Chicago, Illinois – not far from where USA’s first African American President Barack Obama lived.


Sterling became his legal last after becoming an adult.


Starting in 1961, Sterling began to make his career as a divorce and personal injury attorney building an independent practice when Jews had few opportunities at prestigious law firms. 


His biggest ventures were in real estate, which he began when he purchased a 26-unit apartment building in Beverly Hills.


Sterling in 1982 was fined $10,000 by the NBA after he commented that he would accept the Clippers finishing in last place in order to draft an impact player like Ralph Sampson


In 1984, Sterling moved the Clippers from San Diego to Los Angeles. However, the move was not approved by the NBA, which fined him $25 million. He sued the league for $100 million, but dropped the suit when the league agreed to decrease the fine to $6 million. 


Sterling has been widely criticized for his frugal operation of the Clippers, due in part to a consistent history of losing seasons. The club was long considered the laughingstock of the NBA. 


Under Sterling’s ownership, only Dunleavy and Bill Fitch (1994–1998) have lasted four seasons or more as Clipper head coach. Dunleavy was also the club’s general manager, but was fired from that position in March 2010.


The Clippers accused Dunleavy of defrauding the team, and he sued the club for money owed on the remainder of his contract. An arbitrator ordered the Clippers pay Dunleavy $13 million in 2011.


Sporting News, The New York Times, Forbes and ESPN Magazine have termed Sterling the worst sports’ team owner.


Sterling and controversy are two sides of the same coin.


In 1981, Sterling refused to pay the $1,000 prize to a local lawyer who won a free throw contest until the contestant filed a lawsuit.


The Clippers in 2004 declined to pay for assistant coach Kim Hughes‘ surgery for prostate cancer; instead four Clippers players contributed to cover the $70,000 cost.


Uncharacteristic for an owner, Sterling in 2010 heckled players on his own team—with Baron Davis receiving the harshest treatment—while the owner sat courtside during home games


In August 2006, the U.S. Department of Justice sued Sterling for housing discrimination in using race as a factor in filling some of his apartment buildings. The suit charged that Sterling refused to rent to non-Koreans in the Korea Town neighbourhood and to African Americans in Beverly Hills. 


The suit alleged Sterling once said he did not like to rent to Hispanics because they smoke, drink and just hang around the building, and that Black tenants smell and attract vermin


In November 2009, ESPN reported that Sterling agreed to pay a fine of $2.73 million to settle claims brought by the Justice Department and Davin Day of Newport Beach that he engaged in discriminatory rental practices against Hispanics, blacks, and families with children.


In addition, Sterling was also ordered to pay attorneys’ fees and costs in that action of $4,923,554.75. In granting the attorney’s fees and costs Judge Dale S. Fischer noted Sterling’s scorched earth litigation tactics, some of which are described by the Plaintiffs’ counsel and some of which were observed by the Court. The Court has no difficulty accepting Plaintiffs’ counsel’s representations that the time required to be spent on this case was increased by defendant’s counsels’ often unacceptable, and sometimes outrageous conduct.


In February 2009, Sterling was sued by former long-time Clippers executive Elgin Baylor for employment discrimination on the basis of age and race. 


The lawsuit alleged Sterling told Baylor that he wanted to fill his team with poor black boys from the South and a white head coach.


The suit noted those comments while alleging the Caucasian head coach was given a four-year, $22-million contract, but Baylor’s salary had been frozen at a comparatively paltry $350,000 since 2003.


Sterling’s wife filed a lawsuit against Vivian Stiviano for fraud.


Clippers president Andy Roesen issued a statement the following day, indicating that the woman on the recording was being sued by the Sterling family and had told Sterling that she would ‘get even’ with him.


The Los Angeles chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP) cancelled its plans for the following month to award Sterling for a second time with its lifetime achievement award. 


Chumash Casino, the Clippers’ most visible sponsor the prior four seasons, ended their relationship with the team, as did sponsors CarMax and Virgin America. Other sponsors and advertisers suspended their relationship with the Clippers while continuing to monitor the situation.


On April 29, 2014, the University of California, Los Angeles announced that it was rejecting a $3 million gift from Sterling.


The subcontinent has its fair share of morons in sport. I began my career in journalism in sports and had penned a blog in these columns way back in 2010. The link:




One of India's biggest sports' team owning morons is Vijay Mallya who cheats everyone with impunity. I had exposed the schmuck sometime ago. The link:




No article about sports being reduced to a joke would be complete without mentioning Suresh Kalmadi, N Srinivasan Lalit Modi  - the smear on the face of India's Olympics team and the cricket establishment respectively for all time. 








The author wishes to thank Wikipedia for the researched material. Readers are requested to generously contribute to Wikipedia – which is a great help for reporting.

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