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Monday, April 28, 2014

The Black Sheep And The White Ewe With A Black Mind?   Posted on Apr 28, 2014    Comments ()

The continuing ‘baa’ cries of the so-called Yoga Guru [some yoga, some guru] the black sheep Baba Ramdev trigger discerning journalists like me to spit on the ground saying bah!


Consider the following:


The Baba has been quoted as saying:


I actually criticised Rahul Gandhi when I said about his honeymooning in Dalit homes as they are mere photo ops and poverty-tourism efforts.


My questions:


1.               As a honeymoon involves a male and a female in a heterosexual union, with whom did Rahul Gandhi have a honeymoon in which Dalit home please?


2.             Did Rahul Gandhi use some Dalit woman in some home – with or without her permission – or did he take some other woman to a Dalit home and use the place for rolling in the somewhat uncomfortable hay?


The Baba has been credited with the following paraphrased statement:


“The term honeymoon is a mere political expression. Don’t journalists say political honeymoons? I am a celibate Baba without any earthly attachment on earth and have no knowledge of sexual conduct. Accusing me of making a wrong-motivated sexual innuendo is a travesty of truth.”


My pointed questions:


As I have visited your so-called Ashram in the outskirts of Haridwar – I know how massive they are and perhaps have a monetised value of a several hundred crores of rupees.


1.               Would the Baba bother explain as to what are the origins of this massive set up?


2.             Did the money come through donations?


3.             If yes, has he filed the details in his returns?


4.             If yes, have the returns ever been scrutinised?


5.              To whom do the ashrams belong?


6.             Who actually controls their functioning?


7.              Is the Baba open to a probe by any independent audit organisation – say like KPMG?


8.             Since the Baba is so clear in his celibacy and male purity, would he be willing to undergo a medical test whose results would proclaim his male virginity – for anyone with a sane mind to accept his total lack of knowledge of the sexual act please?


9.             If the Baba is really, only a holy man, why is he seen gallivanting with the political types, saying political things, speaking at political meetings and even terming his yoga do’s as nation-building exercises?


10.      Talking of yoga, who pays for the telecasts of his yogic dos?


11.         Do such televised projects generate money for his ashram?


12.       Do such television ranting programmes [well, that is what I would call the disgusting antics the Baba does on television violently tapping his tummy] have any ratings?


13.       Are the crowds shown on television obeying his yogic diktat to reduce obesity – self-generated – or are paid crowds? If they are hired crowds, who pays for them?


A person had taken me to Hardwar – to get the Baba endorse his political cause in 2012.


I could not meet the blighter.


But I wrote a blog which said the Congress, BJP and the Baba are playing a fixed match.




Readers who do not read Hindi may kindly use the Google Translation to get a hang of what that passage. 


“Overheard Through Imagination”


Priyanka: Mom, my attacks on the right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party idiots is resulting in more charges against Robert … and despite my sounding like grandma Indiraji, the whole exercise gives me the heebie-jeebies. The BJP has put up weak candidates against you and bro Rahul … so why make me say all this and attract attention and non-attractive opprobrium?


Sonia: The Italian Mafia have a golden rule, darling. If one gang … that enjoys ruling an empire for long is scheduled to lose it all … it uses a scorched earth policy. We are in its preparation. All of us know the United Progressive Alliance is bound to lose now. Well, every time the BJP exposes one skeleton from one of our cupboards, we make two of theirs tumble out.


Priyanka: That would result in India slip into anarchy and chaos! None can feel safe in this nation then!


Sonia: Safety, darling, is a very relative term. Your uncle Sanjay was termed as India’s crown prince. His aircraft fell like a stone out of the sky. Soon, I managed to get your aunt Maneka chased out of her home in Safdarjung. Your grandma was termed the empress of India sans the crown. As the Prime Minister, she was supposed to be very safe in her home. Her own bodyguards killed her. Her violent death triggered thousands of more violent deaths and paved the way your pop to become PM. Among other things, your pop’s brutal murder rendered the Bofors trail cold forever. The fate of his assassins has triggered several Irish sweepstakes kinds of political lotteries … all of which have been won by us. This is yet another one. Now the situation can be summed up thus with the toss of a coin: Heads – NDA appears to win; tails: we appear to lose; the coin stands on the rim: the so-called federal front wins … but … all the time … like the Congress has done since its inception in 1885 – a gift to this banana nation full of mango people – by the colonial British, it ensures that India loses. We follow the well-set trend, baby. We have created enough enemies for that bearded Modi within the BJP who may not allow him to become PM. Even if the blighter succeeds, a cleverly successful assassination bid – that may never be solved – can render him into a burning corpse. Perhaps we do not even need to do something like that. The ulcers and the heart-burns generated by the tension to rule an unruly India will surely kill him. Then, one of those hangers-on who survive political by fawning and flattering our family will say – the curse from heavens for having abused the pure Nehru-Gandhi line killed Modi! You would then step in with the majestic neo-Indira act – you sound like my mom-in-law very much – and say – I do not indulge in dirty politics like the BJP! And then we will be back in power to loot this country many more times!


Priyanka: Mom, I somehow feel this can be dangerous.


Sonia: Dangerous, my foot. That foolish journalist in Chennai has been saying all this for over 4 years. He has even accused you of being a spy. Here is a link that provides many other links which completely expose me and our family. Have a nice read and laugh at that idiot – because that is what he is. This nation will never pay any attention to him!



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