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Movie Police Woman Mother Love download free! Book Title: Police Woman Mother Love
Directors: John Newland
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Release Date: 1976-02-24
Runtime: 60 min
Language: English
Stars: Angie Dickinson,Earl Holliman,Charles Dierkop
IMDb Rating: 8.0
Country: USA

Full movie description "Police Woman Mother Love":

Pepper gets involved in a child kidnapping case when a close personal friend has his child taken. There are further questions raised over the origins of the child in the first place. People want to know - who exactly is the mother of the child to begin with

Movie Police Woman Mother Love download free

Reviews of the Police Woman Mother Love

The opening scene shows a young woman (with baby) driving from her home. A drab blonde follows her in a VW Bug.

The mother enters a baby shop with the infant, the other woman not far behind. The little blonde (a Southerner) compliments the baby and the lady, Donna Jensen is flattered.

Mrs. Jensen then enters a dress shop, wanting to try on a dress; the blonde woman (who has shown up again) offers to mind the baby. Donna accedes - and the "babysitter" kidnaps the infant.

The baby's father, Mark Jensen begs Police Detective Pepper Anderson (Angie Dickinson) to interview his wife about baby Heather's kidnapping. Apparently Mark's law partner helped them adopt her.

Pepper interviews the distraught Donna, who cannot help; she is heavily sedated.

In a cheesy apartment, the kidnapper is taking care of the baby. A brassy neighbor, Thelma, struts inside, asking questions about little "Mary Ann" (heretofore "living with a relative.") The blonde tells Thelma her husband, Scott, will be leaving the Navy soon.

Pepper interviews the partner, Denis, who pretends to have forgotten the adoption agency's name. Threatened with a court order, he "conveniently" remembers.

The adoption agency, however, refuses to open their files without a court order.

Mark Jensen offers a $10,000 reward which Thelma sees in the newspaper. Confronting the kidnapper, she demands the baby's surrender for the reward which they will split two ways.

The kidnapper screams, throwing a container of baby powder at Thelma, who sneers: "You'll be sorry." Overhearing Thelma phoning the baby's father, the kidnapper kills Thelma with scissors, grabs the baby and flees.

The kidnapper meets a kindly couple, with infant, in a parking lot. She tells them her name is Tamme, and they offer her a place to stay while her husband is mustered out of the Navy.

Actually, Scott Swanson is in jail, where Tamme visits him. Tamme annoys the bleary-eyed Swanson; when she rhapsodizes about the baby, he glares at her, snarling: "Who the hell is Mary Ann?" Reluctantly, he agrees to meet Tamme at her new lodgings.

A confrontation occurs involving the lawyer, Denis, the Jensens and the police. Heather was a "black market" baby whom Denis was trying to return to the birth mother. Tamme found the Jensen's address when looting Denis's office, closed during lunch.

The police quiz Scott Swanson, who plays dumb. He assures them Tamme seemed eager to return to Arkansas, and he will have no further contact with her.

Released, Swanson races across the street to hale a cab (unmindful he's under surveillance.)

Scott meets Tamme, and before leaving their hosts offer them refreshments. In the living room, Scott looks out the window, discovering the surveillance team.

Scott concocts a story about shipboard gambling; outside are warrant officers who'll be rough in collecting the IOUS. Scott Swanson thus involves the couple in a deception.

The VW Bug roars out of the parking lot, pursued by the police. The occupants, once corralled, prove to be the other man (wearing Scott's hat and jacket) and his family. At the apartment they admit participating in the disguise to allow Scott and Tamee time to escape from the supposed "warrant officers."

Scott calls Mark Jensen, giving directions for the ransom money drop-off.Scott finds a parked station wagon with keys inside. Stealing the car, he picks up Tamee, informing her they're going to San Francisco. Scott pumps Tamee for more information about their baby.

Tamme shows Scott a birthmark on the baby's shoulder; he calls the father, upping the ante to $15,000, and gives instructions for the baby's pickup. Scott then puts a large box in the back of the vehicle.

The father calls the police; Donna calls Pepper, telling her they are going to retrieve Heather. Pepper and her partner (Earl Holliman) leave.

Scott drives to the drop-off point. He removes the box from the car, puts the baby in it and tells Tamme someone is coming for her. While exulting over the reward, Tamme lunges at Scott, shoving him over a rock-strewn cliff, killing him. Tamme retrieves the baby and roars off.

Donna's screaming alerts the detectives to the site; she and her husband have found Swanson's body at the ravine's bottom.

The detectives catch up with the station wagon, racing desperately to save the baby.

Pepper suggests a shortcut. They set up an impromptu roadblock, effectively stopping Tamme.

Pepper runs up to Tamme, telling her she needs a lift into town. Although wanted for two murders, Tamme simplemindedly agrees, even allowing Pepper to pick up and hold her baby. Pepper's partner radios in their location; thus, the episode ends.

Brooke Bundy (Donna Jenson) skillfully portrayed the mother, anguished that her inadvertence caused her baby's kidnapping.

Michael Ebert (Mark Jensen) was convincing as the distraught father desperately attempting to recover his stolen daughter.

Donna Mills (usually glamorous) was nearly unrecognizable as Tamme Swanson, whose obsessive maternal feelings become homicidal whenever her baby seems threatened. Ms. Mills played the role to perfection, accent and all.

Barry Brown (Scott Swanson) excelled as the treacherous opportunist who viewed his child strictly in terms of dollar signs.

Brown, who superbly played the sociopathic Cory Doyle in "Barnaby Jones," as well as semi-psychotic racist Fred Tayman in "Lawman Without A Gun" could have excelled at playing movie villains, had he not died tragically at the age of 27 in 1978.

Although this episode ended weakly (the implausibility of a wanted criminal stopping for someone blocking her escape route), this show is an interesting snapshot of police shows a generation ago.

Movie Police Woman Mother Love download free

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Movie Police Woman Mother Love download free

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